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NFT Data Lake: Now Live!

Instant Data for ERC-721 NFTs

Just last week we made the exciting announcement that we officially launched our flagship Tsunami API.

This release marked a massive milestone on our product roadmap, as the creation of the Tsunami API is an accomplishment in its own right — but it also serves as the foundation of everything PARSIQ has in store!

Following hot on the heels of our Tsunami API, we are proud to announce our achievement of another major milestone…

The first of our Data Lakes — our NFT Data Lake — is now officially live!

Alongside the Tsunami API, our Data Lakes are another of our flagship products. The new NFT Data Lake is the first of many to come.

This sounds like great news! But wait a moment…

What is a Data Lake?

Simply put, Data Lakes are an easy source of custom-tailored Web3 data.

To understand what this means, it is helpful to recall the role of the Tsunami API.

The Tsunami API provides real-time blockchain monitoring and blazing fast historical querying of any (and all!) data on a given chain.

That is a lot of data!

But what happens if you only want to search from a smaller, more specific pool of data? Do you have to create a bunch of filters on your own?

That would mean a lot of work. So, gladly, the answer is, “No!”

With Data Lakes, we streamline the entire process for you.

Essentially, Data Lakes are specific pools of data that have been cordoned-off according to specific needs (say, of individual dApps or DeFi protocols) or topics (say, NFTs). While the Tsunami API allows you to filter, or set parameters, to your queries, the flexibility is even greater with Data Lakes! This is because the information included in a Data Lake is already limited by the interests, needs, or desires of developers, and their dApps or protocols.

Data Lakes provide data that has been specified by a topic — in this case NFTs — or according to the needs of a platform. They also contain data that has been generated by that platform.

Put in the simplest terms: Data Lakes are smaller, localized reservoirs of data that ‘makes sense’ to a certain interest or to projects to which the lake belongs.

Could your project or team use a Data Lake? Get in touch with our team to find out how we can work together!

What you need to know about NFT Data Lakes

Just as the name makes it sound, our NFT Data Lake is a specialized reservoir of data specific to NFT ownership.

NFTs make up a major part of the crypto market. There are more than 40 million NFTs on Ethereum alone.

Not many people want to wade through all that data…

That’s why we’ve done it for you!

With our NFT Data Lake, we have indexed all of the data involved with all ERC-721 NFTs — from history of their price, to legacy of ownership, and so on. We have created, in other words, a localized, custom pool of data that will immediately ‘make sense’ to platforms seeking information dedicated to NFTs.

ERC-721 are the most popular type of NFTs. But that doesn’t mean we’re limiting ourselves to those. Very soon, we’ll have even more NFT data added to our Data Lake!

For instance, this Data Lake will prove vital for platforms like IQ Protocol, or any other platform that depends on quick and efficient access to NFT-specific data.

This is truly a unique offering in the Web3 world!

Whether one is interested in verifying and tracing ownership, surveying transaction histories, means of displaying NFTs for users on your interface, or information on related assets, our NFT Data Lake has already pooled this data and indexed it all for you!

Does your team want access to our NFT Data Lakes? Get in touch with our team today!

This is only the beginning!

The NFT Data Lake is the first of many to come!

How many Data Lakes will there be?

The number will only continue to grow. Any client or user of PARSIQ’s Tsunami API could have a Data Lake set up for their project. Because they’re multiple by nature, they’ll be created as needs arise.

What is especially helpful about Data Lakes is that they are open to use by any of our customers!

Say IQ Protocol has a specific data lake, containing all of the data relevant to its operation (and it will!). IQ Protocol will use this Data Lake for all their needs. But what happens if another protocol — a third party — is interested in the data used and generated by IQ Protocol? The amazing thing is, they can subscribe to our services and gain access to that Data Lake as well.

This really is only the beginning. We’ve got so much more up our sleeves — so stay tuned for future updates!

To learn more about our Tsunami API and the solutions it offers to many common Web3 data problems be sure to visit these links:

At PARSIQ we believe in the future of blockchain technology. Like our Tsunami API, our NFT Data Lake has been created to help Web3 platforms create long-term value. To gain access to our NFT Data Lake, or to begin using our Tsunami API, visit our website.


PARSIQ is a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps & protocols. The Tsunami API provides blockchain protocols and their clients (e.g. protocol-oriented dApps) with real-time data and historical data querying abilities.

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