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PARSIQ at ETHDenver 2021

Meet Chief Architect Anatoly Ressin and CTO Alan Durnev, learn how to build with PARSIQ at #ETHDenver & #ColoradoJam 2021! Join us virtually February 5–12.

For the first time ever, PARSIQ is represented at ETHDenver, a massive crypto developer oriented and community funded innovation festival for Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers and developers. Formerly known as a hackathon, the event is now labeled a Web3 #BUIDLathon. The purpose is to contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem, whether by #BUIDLing decentralized applications (dApps), contributing to or starting infrastructure level projects, writing documentation/tutorials/white-papers, designing UI/UX, or info-graphics.

We’ve got our own booth, where everyone can come and talk “shop” about anything. We are open to showcasing the PARSIQ Technology, along with talking about use cases and future development.

We hope to connect with a lot of interesting participants, both in the crypto sphere, but also non-crypto that are interested in seeing what the technology can do to drive their company forward.

As mentioned before, our goal is to provide real-world value, solve pain points for the industry as a whole and propel the mass adoption of blockchain technology by being the essential infrastructure bridge between decentralized systems and everything else. This has always been the mission, it is evolving all the time as even we discover how much can be disrupted by blockchain tech and we aim to play a central part in this process.

PARSIQ’s Chief Architect will also be hosting a technical workshop at the event:

Not only are we talking shop, but also incentivizing potential clients and users to come try the technology with bounties for building on PARSIQ. To be announced, so stay tuned.


PARSIQ is the next-gen monitoring and intelligence platform for various Blockchains. With PARSIQ, users gain access to a number of useful product features, like:

  • Tracking digital assets in real-time
  • Being notified about numerous events around the Blockchain network
  • Gathering and processing on-chain data
  • Combining on-chain data with off-chain datasets (i.e., Risk Data, Market Data, etc.)

PARSIQ will ​automate workflows​ that you currently handle manually and aggregate data that you look up from different sources.

It is not only capable of monitoring blockchain transactions, but also enriching​ them with off-chain data like fiat rate and a risk score. Users can transform and aggregate the data for it to be delivered to their off-chain application of choice.

We not only have direct integrations for many blockchains but thanks to the wide range of supported communication channels, we can easily connect to almost any web service, allowing you to bridge automation between blockchain and off-chain.

You can create your own blockchain monitoring and automation solutions by using our domain-specific programming language ​ParsiQL​. It’s robust and powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use.

ParsiQL serves the main purpose of manipulating streams — the core concept behind ParsiQL. Please check out our GitBook to learn more on ParsiQL.

To help you build with PARSIQ, please also check out these resources:

PARSIQ Discord channel for technical discussion

PARSIQ Documentation

In-depth article on ParsiQL, PARSIQ’s own language

PARSIQ Helpcenter

Free trial to test out PARSIQ

PARSIQ Telegram channel

PARSIQ general website

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual space of #ETHDenver.

🤘 Before the conference, you can stop by our Telegram channel or our Discord channel to ask any questions you might have about PARSIQ.

During the conference, Chief Blockchain Architect Anatoly Ressin, CTO Alan Durnev, and CEO Tom Tirman will be attending.

🤘 If you’d like to reach out to us to chat before, during, or after the conference, you can contact us at



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