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PARSIQ Community Team Expansion

There is much to be excited about for the future of PARSIQ! As we prepare the development of our Tsunami API, we continue along our path of evolution and growth. Included on that path is the continued expansion of our community team.

Today, we are proud to take the opportunity to introduce you to the new members of our team!

And of course, we at PARSIQ are always on the lookout for good people to join us along the way. For example, if you’re interested in joining our community-led ‘ambassador-like’ outreach team, applications for SWARMS are always open: click here. Or, if you’re interested in what full-time positions we have available, visit our job postings.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about the evolution of PARSIQ, and view towards where we’re heading, click here!

New Faces

Chris R — Community Designer

Everyone knows Chris R! Having graduated top of his class from SWARMS, he’s been promoted to Community Designer!

Previously Chris has worked in the service, logistics and IT industries. In 2021, he graduated with an IT degree from the NCOI in the Netherlands. For the better part of a decade, Chris has enjoyed graphic design as a hobby. His love for graphic design, and everything PARSIQ, has inspired many of his infographics and social media posts. Chris has always been a strong member of the community and his work reflects his desire to support community growth and camaraderie.

Yash — Social Media Marketing Specialist

Yash has lots of experience in both building and managing Web2 and Web3 communities. Before joining PARSIQ, he was a community manager and content creator for WazirX, India’s #1 Crypto exchange. Holding a degree in finance, he is a crypto native who was initially inspired by Bitcoin and the technology surrounding it. Yash is enthusiastic about PARSIQ because of the amazing tech, the team, and the community.

Mary — Social Media Intern

Mary holds a bachelor’s degree from Estonian Business School, where her main fields of study were entrepreneurship and business administration. She has experience in social media content development and marketing from working with different companies in Europe and the United States. She openly welcomes challenges as an experience of growth and does so with a spirit of ambition. Mary is a student at Tallinn University of Technology, where she is doing her Masters degree in Marketing and Sales Management.

Haw Dong — Chinese Community Manager

Haw Dong is a community manager specializing in the Chinese speaking market. His ambition is to expand PARSIQ’s name and brand to the Chinese speaking community. He has been in the field of blockchain since 2019, when he was elected as the Treasurer of the Exeter University’s Finance & Technology Society. He participated in the British Conference of Undergraduate Research with a research topic on Cryptocurrency and Internet Data Security. Haw Dong was born in Malaysia and grew up in Hong Kong. He also holds a BSc. Economics and Politics from the University of Exeter.

Let’s all welcome them to the team!

We’re very excited to be in a position to continue strengthening our team, especially as we prepare to launch our new suite of products.

If you see any of these newcomers in telegram (and you will!), be sure to say hi. 👋


PARSIQ is a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps & protocols. The Tsunami API, which will ship in July 2022, will provide blockchain protocols and their clients (e.g. protocol-oriented dApps) with real-time data and historical data querying abilities.

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Full-suite data network used to build the backend for all web3 dApps & protocols.

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