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PARSIQ Enables User Defined Streams

Up until now, PARSIQ’s developers would have to be involved with every integration for projects wanting to utilize our Smart Triggers.

Today we are about to change that; introducing User Defined Streams.

We’re going to be offering clients to import their contracts and define what events that we should monitor, so that they can set up Smart Triggers immediately after uploading the contract into our ABI decoder.

This also means that you can have Smart Triggers ready for your contract at time of deployment.

We are starting with support for Ethereum contracts. Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Eco Chain will be supported shortly after launch and the next steps will be to allow monitoring of internal and external contract function calls, something unique in this space and one of the key functions we’ve been working on for a while now.

Monitoring your Smart Contract’s Events 101:

To monitor your Smart Contract’s Events follow these steps:

  1. Upload your Smart Contract’s ABI
  2. Select events you want to monitor
  3. Create a Smart Trigger

Uploading an ABI

  1. Navigate to Portal:
  2. Click “+” next to the “User Streams”
  1. You can either press “Upload a file” or drag’n’drop it
  2. Select JSON file containing your ABI

After the file is selected you will be prompted to choose events that you would like to monitor.

  1. Check the events that you want to monitor
  2. Give your Smart Contract a name, if your ABI has a contractName field — we will fetch it from there.
  3. Press Save

After that you will be redirected to the Stream page, where you can see what events are being monitored and which Smart Triggers are utilizing that particular event.

Utilizing Event

Now that you have provided us with your ABI — you can start monitoring those events.

Your events will be available as separate streams, following a predefined name pattern.

Parameters that are produced by this event can be viewed in “Stream Explorer” on the right side of the Code Editor and ready to be utilized by your Smart Trigger. You can forward them to the notification or use itin your Smart Trigger’s business logic.

More information can be found in documentation:



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