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PARSIQ Partners with DeNet

When it comes to the future of Web3, data will play a crucial — if not the most important — role in the setting up of a reliable foundation for mass adoption, and for healthy and sustained growth. Data represents the possibility of infrastructure and reliability, it plays a central role in scalability, and provides developers, users, and traders with the information that they need to interpret in order to do their job well. PARSIQ aims to be a one stop shop for receiving any and all kinds of blockchain data, — so, we understand the vital importance of securing data.

PARSIQ is excited to announce our partnership with DeNet, a promising platform built to provide solutions for the storage and hosting of data in a Web3 world.

DeNet is a decentralized data storage platform, built on a sharing economy rather than on a centralized storage hub. That is, DeNet transforms the standard, cloud-based data storage models into something fit for the Web3, decentralized world. Besides issues relating to security — since so many people and organizations store their data with potentially vulnerable, centralized storage providers — there will come a time when it becomes less feasible to store the masses of online data in centralized servers.

DeNet is working to provide realistic solutions to these problems. At the foundation of DeNet sits a simple, yet remarkably under-developed concept of utilizing the unoccupied space on users’ computers, worldwide, to build a system of decentralized data hosting and storage. Users that loan their storage space may earn rewards for their participation in the DeNet platform.

Importantly, this does not mean that users’ files are available to the individual upon whose computer the files are stored. In fact, one’s files are not stored on any single device at all. Instead, DeNet uses a decryption process that keeps everyone’s files private and secure: the files that enter the system are split up into fragments and distributed to the networked devices around the globe. Only the owner of the files has the decryption key.

DeNet’s goal is to provide the convenience of traditional cloud storage services with the high level of security made possible by blockchain technology. In their model, the data belongs solely to the users, and not to big tech (or anyone else, for that matter).

PARSIQ believes that blockchain data should be easily accessible. Despite the ‘transparency’ of the blockchain, accessing the needed and relevant data is not always as easy as one would like. By utilizing PARSIQ, DeNet will be able to assure their customers that they will always have real-time, immediate information about all of their stored data and the events related to the data.

We agree with DeNet and their mission: establishing a decentralized storage network will be crucial to the development of Web3. In striving to create such a network, DeNet aims to lay a foundation to become one of the most commonly used platforms for decentralized storage used by dApps in the world of Web3. Thanks to PARSIQ, DeNet will allow their users, their clients, and the dApps built upon their network to connect on-chain events to off-chain user experiences.

Rafik Singatullin, CEO and Co-founder of DeNet, commented:

We welcome our new contributor and partner PARSIQ! DeNet will combine efforts with PARSIQ and help to provide dApps with core Web 3.0 infrastructure. Actually, we’ve already announced a joint NFT campaign with IQ Protocol (which was created by the team at PARSIQ). Together, we will brighten Web3’s future!

We’re always happy to find other projects looking to provide services that will be fundamental for the advancement and adoption of blockchain technology, and we have found that in DeNet. We look forward to working alongside them in the future!

DeNet is the truly decentralized storage based dApp ecosystem. DeNet has been developing solutions for a decentralized world since 2017, creating a secure and profitable alternative to the traditional cloud services.

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