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PARSIQ Partners with DeXe Network

PARSIQ is excited to announce that we are partnering with DeXe, an upcoming social trading DEX with some very interesting products offered to clients.

What is DeXe?

DeXe offers an advanced Copy Trader system for their clients to actively follow other wallets and mimic their trades across a long list of supported exchanges.

Traders can even create their own synthetic token that represents their trading value, so others can follow them.

DeXe is also planning to launch what they call “A unique centralized social trading platform” within the next few months. Once that happens, PARSIQ technology will be deeply embedded in the platform for traders to use.

“PARSIQ’s volume, speed, and effectiveness of data parsed in real-time and linked to trigger-based automations open up a whole new level of trading capabilities for DeXe platform’s users.” Says DeXe Network’s Co-Founder, Dmitriy Kotliarov.


Once DeXe’s full platform launches, all traders utilizing the platform will have access to PARSIQ’s suite of tools and will empower users to execute more actions and strategies both within the Ethereum network and beyond.

PARSIQ’s tools will be used to form complex trading strategies based on a number of inputs and will provide traders on the DeXe platform with an edge in trading.

About DeXe is a decentralized social trading platform developed and organized for copying the best assets traders’ methodologies. Working through self-governing smart contracts, the platform gives instruments for digital assets circulation and programmed rebalancing, killing the dangers of moving digital wallet information, for example, private keys and APIs or any virtual money information to an outsider.

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PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform that serves as a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications. PARSIQ technology is a proprietary ParsiQL programming language that allows users to monitor and interpret an endless stream of data on the blockchain; thus, it’s possible to monitor traders and ordinary users’ wallets.

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