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PARSIQ Partners with Fellaz

PARSIQ is happy to announce our partnership with Fellaz, an entertainment 3.0 company!


Fellaz is a multichain entertainment ecosystem, specializing in the production and distribution of original Web3 content and assets. They are currently collaborating with global record labels and entertainment companies, including a major K-pop music label and full-scale entertainment content production companies.

Their platform has multiple purposes. Fellaz is not just a metaverse content production studio and NFT platform, but it is also a hub for fans of musicians, digital artists, and the like. Their aim is to provide an easy solution not just for fans and collectors, but also for the businesses and artists themselves, helping them effectively integrate their work into a decentralized, Web3 context.

Fellaz will launch their first original K-pop star NFT collection at the end of Q2 this year. Initially being offered as PFPs, these NFTs will eventually transform in their utility. Also actively in development are plans for blockchain-based NFT ticketing, POAP (proof of attendance) badges, and governance systems that can support the onboarding Web3 fandom communities.

PARSIQ + Fellaz

PARSIQ is proud to say Fellaz will be using our Web3 data services to serve as the basis for all of their platform’s data needs. With our new flagship Tsunami API launching in July 2022, Fellaz can rest confident that they will be providing themselves and their customers with immediate, real-time blockchain monitoring and the fastest historical blockchain data available. This allows their platform to operate confidently with up-to-the-second information about transactions, prices, and events taking place on the blockchain. It also gives their users confidence that they have all the relevant information they need to make decisions with their digital assets.

Also exciting is that Fellaz will also be relying on the PARSIQ-created IQ Protocol for their NFT rental solution. IQ Protocol is poised to introduce many innovative features to the world of NFTs, and their rental marketplace sits at the center. To learn more about this, click here!

We look forward to working with you, Fellaz!

About Fellaz

Fellaz, based in Singapore, is a multichain web3 entertainment ecosystem that specializes in the production and distribution of original metaverse-native IP and derivative content. Fellaz enables entertainment businesses, artists, and influencers to onboard web3 & NFT space easily. We are here to help you focus on what you do best and find a new way of earning.

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PARSIQ is a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps & protocols. The Tsunami API, which will ship in July 2022, will provide blockchain protocols and their clients (e.g. protocol-oriented dApps) with real-time data and historical data querying abilities.

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About IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol is a decentralized money market for digital asset renting and on-chain subscriptions. The next money lego that allows users to rent wrapped expirable versions of digital assets without collateral for their utility, while allowing holders to earn by providing liquidity without risk.

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