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Every Friday PARSIQ team answers your most important questions. Join our Telegram chat to ask!

Hi Bryan, PRQrew and Qties,
Thanks for yet again some great questions from the community, we honestly love to answer these — and we wish we could show you everything we are working on, exciting times.

1.Is everything according to schedule? How does Q2 look?

We are doing our best to keep everything on schedule from our side and then some.

2.Can any project utilize the IQ protocol to implement a lending mechanism for their own token? And what role would the prq token play in that scenario? Will PRQ be paid for this ?

Yes, this is part of the beauty that is the IQ Protocol!
We are currently still settling on a payment method for others to utilize IQ, it will probably involve holding PRQ to use for other projects.

3.Now that iq will be basically finished this month, what is the next BIG main focus for the team?

Although finished, we still have an audit to go through and possible changes on the back of that audit. Then there will be a period of monitoring that everything works as intended. After that we need to start onboarding projects that want to use the IQ Protocol.
The level of interest we’ve seen in the IQ Protocol means that PARSIQ moved IQ up in priority and will dedicate a part of the team going forward to integrate with other projects.

Next phase will also involve integrating with a lot of the projects that have reached out to us in the last months, to get integrations planned and deployed — along with growing our team to meet this explosive demand.

4.How do reverse triggers compare to grt querying? Is it competition?

The Graph indexes data and serves them up upon request.

Reverse Smart Triggers would be detecting off-chain data (like a price change or anything off-chain) that then triggers a buy of PRQ on Uniswap.

There is no comparison and no competition.

5.Would launch pad projects such as polkastarter be able to integrate to IQ protocol in the projects they launch? Has that side of the market expressed any interest in the protocol?

Yes of course. We’ve seen interest from those types of projects among many others.

6.Parsiq as a product and as a team is exceptionally strong technically. However, crypto being crypto is still very hype driven and it seems that while the team is working furiously behind the scene cooking great stuff, it also seems like marketing and hype driving initiatives are quite lacking. Is this something that parsiq will address or something deemed not as important from the grand scheme of things ?

Yes, we are very aware that we are not a marketing focused company. Up until now we’ve been playing catch up with demand. Stay tuned for something on this in the coming week.

7.Will the IQ protocol have a dashboard (option) where you will be able to view/toggle/check the interest you have from your staked PRQ? (Keep up to date/monitor your staked interest holdings) that you have earned at any given time without having to actually withdraw that PRQ?

Yes, we will provide a full dashboard for stats and everything else needed to utilize the full potential of the IQ Protocol.

8.How exactly did the scope of iq change? Like what was it supposed to be and what is it now ?

At first we were focused on our own tokenomics and offering the project up as something others could fork and use for themselves. But we’ve seen so much interest from both projects in crypto and non crypto companies for this DeFi SaaS that we’ve decided to launch it as a product on it’s own, with support and everything behind it.

9.Does the integration of a blockchain allow payments in ncase for any token that implements the standard for that blockchain i.e ERC20 for Ethereum and BEP-20 for Binance Smart Chain?

Yes it does. Our services can be used across all the chains that we are currently integrated with.

10.What can we expect in last two weeks of March from Parsiq team ?

Fulfillment of the Roadmap and a bonus 🚀

If you have questions about using PARSIQ you can always ask our team in TELEGRAM:



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