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Greetings to our lovely community. Thanks yet again for some great questions for our weekly AMA!

1.What’s the pitch to more traditional/non-crypto software companies who might want to integrate IQ protocol? There are companies such as (publicly listed, $2b market cap) which offer subscription management outside of the context of crypto — what benefits does IQ offer that Zuora for example does not?

The pitch is decentralized subscriptions on-chain. Global liquidity and subscription models in a trustless manner. This gives all the advantages that blockchain technology and decentralization provides without sacrificing any of the classic subscription properties. More on this and our piloting collaborations with non-crypto subscription businesses closer to IQ Protocol launch.

2. How/will the iq protocol change if prq prices goes too high ? Example — if the plan is that u need 1 prq per adress or something similar it would become very expensive if prq price reaches too high wouldnt this limit how far we can reach ?

The borrowing amount needed for a set amount of actions will be dynamic, depending on the demand from borrowers and the supply from lenders.

3. Will Parsiq be utilising the Onchain Investment Data API mentioned in here and if so what extra capabilities would this enable?

PARSIQ will be providing data to the AllianceBlock Investment Terminal via the Data API.

4. Will the tokens put into the IQ Protocol liquidity be put into the Hex Safe service Hex trust is offering and what sort of security would this offer?

The tokens that are put into IQ Protocol “renting” pools will be on in the smart contract, so cannot be moved to custody.

5. Any possibility of partnership with paypal?

There is always a possibility and we would certainly be open to talking to PayPal.

6. Will the Marketplace for Public Projects come after IQ or it possible that it comes out before?

Most likely after the launch of IQ Protocol mainnet.

7. Is all marketing outreach performed by an internal marketing team? When Parsiq performs marketing outreach, is the technology understood and is it’s value understood?

We do both and yes, both our external marketers and the targeted audience have responded well to our current marketing efforts.

8. Retrospective triggers were intially a milestone for Q3 even if its a mvp right now would you say you guys are ahead on your roadmap?

No, but we do listen to our clients and we will change priorities if we see an idea in doing so.

9. How much parsiq do you estimate will be locked into iq services?

It’s hard to tell, but millions of PRQ tokens are expected to be deposited into the pool.

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