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We have had another wonderful week here at PARSIQ, announcing our status as a technology partner with Amazon’s AWS! The qualifying window for our 1m PRQ airdrop incentive is still open, and currently there is a 5,000 PRQ giveaway, hosted by The Human & Machine Podcast.

As always, this week’s AMA provides a lot of great information and insight into PARSIQ. Below is the transcription of the October 14th, 2021 live AMA with Tom Tirman (CEO), and guest Rong Kai Wong, Chief Operating Officer at PARSIQ.

The bolded questions are links to the timestamped section of the video AMA. Or, you can watch the entire AMA here.

Be sure to visit PARSIQ on Twitter or in our Telegram, and Tom Tirman on Twitter here.

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Q: Before we start community questions, I have a question for Rong Kai: Why PARSIQ? Why did you choose to work with PARSIQ?

Q: Binance is apparently launching another $1 billion fund to accelerate blockchain adoption. Has PARSIQ been contacted for eligibility?

Q: Can you explain technically why other projects require PRQ tokens in order to power their own instance of IQ Protocol?

Q: MYST (Mysterium Network) will be using the Polygon chain. I guess PARSIQ will have to build the balancing between the pools at some point, but I imagine this will be a stand alone pool to begin with, is this correct?

Q: Polkadot Parachain slot auctions should start late November or early December. Will PARSIQ have integrations or IQ involvement with Polkadot by then?

Q: AAVE had liquidity problems that were solved after listing on Binance. How will PARSIQ solve its liquidity problem without a T1 exchange listing?

Q: Any news in relation to NFTs or updates on integrations for Elrond?

Q: Rong Kai, what do you believe has been your biggest influence or change to PARSIQ since starting full time?

Q: How will this $1 billion Binance funding, specifically 50% funding the NFT trend, affect the NFT renting marketplace on IQ?

Q: Rong Kai, what are the top operational challenges you see in PARSIQ that you would like to solve?

Q: Is Evan Cheng still an advisor?

Q: When will be possible for interest accrued in IQ Protocol to be paid out in other tokens besides PRQ?

Q: When will the IQ Protocol token be launched?

Q: How did PARSIQ perform at Token2049? And, will PARSIQ be attending other events like this in the near future?

Q: Rong Kai, in your experience, what are the most important areas in which PARSIQ can improve? And, what do you see as the biggest obstacle in PARSIQ’s future?

Q: Are there any plans to get PRQ listed on Solanas DEXs?

Q: Rong Kai, what do you see as the top potential opportunities for PARSIQ in Asia?

Q: Will the overall TVL of IQ Protocol be shared across chains or will each chain have their own pools? How does PARSIQ plan to make this work?

Q: Rong Kai, what challenges are there in getting the retail crowd involved and interested in using PARSIQ’s monitoring tools and thereby increasing the buying pressure that comes from using it?

Q: Will the IQ Protocol token be deflationary?

Q: Is there a plan to make PARSIQ more like AWS (Amazon Web Services), where even big customers have enough to self-serve without needing to reach out to PARSIQ?

Q: Rong Kai, what are your thoughts on the current PARSIQ team and advisors? Are you happy with its size? Are the advisors engaged?

Q: Is Ncase coming out this year or next year?

Q: Will the IQ token be on Binance launchpad?

Q: What traditional corporations have been enlisted as clients?

Q: Rong Kai, do you speak Chinese? If so, are you willing to engage in an AMA for the Chinese PARSIQ community?

Q: Why can’t Binance look at TVL instead of PRQ trading volume? It is a chicken-or-egg problem, since once PRQ is listed the trading volume will increase, since the fundamentals are strong.

Q: PRQ tokens can be borrowed and rented: does this make PRQ a security token?

Q: Rong Kai, how effective is gathering a bunch of the top influencers and doing a tech showdown of PARSIQ’s technology solutions?



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