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PRQ is coming to Kucoin

PARSIQ is excited to announce that we’re listing our PRQ token on Kucoin. It’s our hope that adding another CEX will allow more people to be exposed to PARSIQ and the PRQ ecosystem we are building, without being subjected to the volatile ETH Gas fees that frequently haunts the Ethereum blockchain.

Currently ranked number 6 on Coinmarketcap by overall volume, Kucoin services over 8 million clients across the world and being just 4 years old, this is an impressive feat.

Kucoin offers everything from spot to futures trading along with a full array of deposit options from creditcard, SEPA transfers to even allowing Apple Pay. Along with having more than 8 million clients, they support a wide variety of localized communities, to help any non English natives with support.

Deposit time opens: May 25th at 4:00 UTC
UPDATED: Trading commences: May 25th at 10:00 UTC

Trading pair will be PRQ/USDT

Why the PRQ token?

The PRQ token is an essential part of the ecosystem for service eligibility at PARSIQ. With our upcoming Threemium tokenomics model via our DeFi platform, the IQ Protocol, PARSIQ is creating a whole new way for crypto companies to utilize their utility tokens for onchain subscriptions.

The Kucoin story

Behind KuCoin are two tech geeks who were early blockchain adopters. Having started coding at the age of 8 and founded his first startup at the age of 16, Michael heard about Bitcoin in 2012 from his boss Eric, and immediately started to mine. While he tried to sell some BTC on Mt. Gox, he discovered that, what was the world’s largest platform at the time, was difficult for beginners to use. As the adoption of blockchain continued, Michael and Eric realized that it was reshaping the financial system, building a new system that not only serves the few richest, but everyone in the world — even the uneducated, unemployed and unbanked. By the end of 2013, they wrote down the first code in a cafe, beginning the journey of People’s Exchange to allow everyone to get involved with crypto



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