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The NFT Data Lake has Expanded!

Instant Data for ERC-1155 NFTs

This summer has been a busy one for the team at PARSIQ! We first saw the launch of our flagship infrastructure product Tsunami API, offering near instant historical data as well as real-time monitoring of blockchain data across Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain and Avalanche, with more chains on the way!

Following the launch of Tsunami API, next we introduced our first Public Data Lake, which we called the “NFT Data Lake”. This went live on Ethereum, initially providing support for ERC-721 NFTs. Today, we’re very pleased to announce that the NFT Data Lake has grown in size and now includes support for ERC-1155 NFTs! 🥳

This means that the two most popular NFT standards on the Ethereum Network have now been indexed by PARSIQ and can be queried using Tsunami API.

What’s more, this is only the first of many Public Data Lakes due to be introduced…

Okay, but first.. what is a Data Lake? And what’s the difference between a Data Lake and a Public Data Lake?

A Data Lake is essentially a customizable API through which a dApp or protocol can add their own business logic, to determine how data will be pulled from Tsunami API and how it will be processed. Without a Data Lake, only raw data can be retrieved.

By creating a Data Lake, we can start to refine that data to the exact specifications required for the end-user. Any business/project utilizing Tsunami API can have a Data Lake setup to cater for their individual needs, this is typically how most Data Lakes will be created, tailored to the use case of a specific business/project and may not be made available for public use.

This is where the Public Data Lakes come in, at PARSIQ we plan to introduce our own Data Lakes, developed by our team of specialists which will be available for anyone to use and gain access to their specific utility. The most exciting part is that a Public Data Lake doesn’t even need to be designed by PARSIQ, in the future anyone will be able to design their own Data Lake to cater for any on-chain data need they can envision! They’ll even be able to monetize its use.

This is where the NFT Data Lake comes in..

So, what can I do with the NFT Data Lake?

To put it simply, the NFT Data Lake is designed to cater for all manner of on-chain data requirements around NFTs, such as currently:

  • Which NFTs an address currently holds
  • Which NFT’s that address has in the past
  • Which addresses have held a particular NFT

🕵🏻‍♂️ Want to know more? Visit our NFT Data Lake docs

However this is just the tip of the iceberg, we have plans to enable the NFT data lake to track any imaginable piece of data associated with NFTs, such as metadata, visual data and even historical market data. We aim to make this an essential tool, allowing anyone to create their own NFT marketplace or dApp more easily than ever before!

What’s more, the NFT Data Lake is the first of many Public Data Lakes which will be introduced by the PARSIQ team so stay tuned! If you’re interested in learning more about how this fits in with the PARSIQ Network, then check out this three-part blog series.

Sound like Data Lakes could be useful to your project? Get in touch to find out how we can help!

To learn more about our Tsunami API and the solutions it offers to many common Web3 data problems be sure to visit these links:

At PARSIQ we believe in the future of blockchain technology. Like our Tsunami API, our NFT Data Lake has been created to help Web3 platforms create long-term value. To gain access to our NFT Data Lake, or to begin using our Tsunami API, visit our website.


PARSIQ is a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps & protocols. The Tsunami API provides blockchain protocols and their clients (e.g. protocol-oriented dApps) with real-time data and historical data querying abilities.

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