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The Tsunami API’s Real-Time Web3 Data: Now Live!

PARSIQ is thrilled to announce that real-time data streaming is now live and available with the Tsunami API!

Just last month we launched the Tsunami API’s blazing fast historical querying abilities on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BSC. Now, users can access all of the data on these blockchains immediately, the moment the events occur!

Now, the Tsunami API has all of your data needs covered — both historical and real-time!

The Tsunami API covers both historical and real-time data… What does this mean?

  • Historical data means that users can query data from past events on a blockchain. For example, they might say, “provide me the data from the time between block X and block Y, or from date X to date Y.” All of this data is quickly pulled off the blockchain. In short, this means that users can select a specific block (or event), or set of blocks (or events), from the past that they are interested in and access all of the relevant data included within the scope of the query.
  • Real-time data means that users can receive blockchain data as it occurs in real time. Essentially, this provides users with a live-stream of events or blocks they are interested in. Where historical data can be thought of as “pull-based,” requiring users to define the data they are interested in and pull it off of a chain; real-time data is “push-based,” being immediately pushed off the chain as the blocks are being built.

TL;DR: This means that everything on the blockchain is available to you via the Tsunami API, whether it’s information about something that occurred years ago or something that is occurring right now, this very moment!

Interested in using the Tsunami API? Click here!

Below, you will find the original Tsunami API launch announcement, which contains information about our new flagship product.

But if you’re wondering about some of the problems the Tsunami API can solve for you and your dApp or protocol, be sure to have a look at these links as well…

The long-awaited moment has arrived…

PARSIQ is proud to announce that the Tsunami API is now live!

This new flagship product is the first among many on the ambitious roadmap we announced earlier this year. The Tsunami API will set new standards for Web3 data, establishing the PARSIQ Network as the go-to data and infrastructure solution for Web3 applications.

No longer will it take hours or days to access and collect data, and no longer will it take weeks to restructure that data. With PARSIQ, the process is nearly instantaneous.

Introducing the Tsunami API

The Tsunami API is the core API created by the PARSIQ Network. Launching on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BSC, PARSIQ now provides developers, dApps, and protocols with access to the full spectrum of data on these chains.

The Tsunami API provides users with the raw data from the entire history of these chains. It also provides the ability to apply filtration mechanisms, allowing for the querying of the whole of the blockchain history, for example, by sender, receiver, contracts it interacted with by topic, etc. Providing raw data — both real-time and historical — enables platforms to track any kind of events, metrics, or statistics they desire, such as TVL, liquidity, current and historical token prices, APR, APY, ROI, user balances, and more.

Speed has always been a challenge for projects needing to make calls on historical data, revise and update their metrics, analyze the relation of past events, etc. As developers will know, this data can often take a long time to process — from several hours, even to days! The Tsunami API is an exception in this regard: PARSIQ has made it possible for over 33 billion events to be processed in under 1 second!

The Benefits of the Tsunami API

The PARSIQ team has spent the last couple of months in Alpha testing running intensive data queries for over 30 other project teams. We’ve received wonderful feedback from the projects testing our API:


At FLUIDEFI, we’ve been looking for a faster and easier way of obtaining accurate BNB chain data. PARSIQ’s Tsunami API surpassed our expectations. In our initial tests, our team was able to pull event data from different PancakeSwap DEX yield farming contracts more simply than pulling it directly from the blockchain and found it just as accurate.

Beefy Finance:

The experience/performance of Tsunami API has been great for all blockchains it supports. If you’re tracking contract event data, this is a solid option.

Importantly, the Tsunami API offers solutions to many problems plaguing the blockchain world today, from issues around efficiently accessing blockchain data, to connecting Web3 data to the real world, and to providing customized data to Web3 developers.

Speaking about the Tsunami API launch, PARSIQ CEO Tom Tirman said:

The PARSIQ Network roadmap and product suite was the result of years of learning from our customers, partners, and the broader industry — this is a solution to critical issues that were arising from different Web3 projects.

It’s been rewarding to see this come to fruition with the Tsunami API. The feedback from our Alpha Testers has been a testament to and endorsement of the PARSIQ Network vision.

We’ve also seen huge interest in the Data Lakes. Not only will they be beneficial for the protocols themselves, but they will also open worlds of data for third-party users, which will ultimately define a new standard for the industry.

We’re very excited about these products officially launching into the market but, for PARSIQ and our clients, this is only the beginning…

Following the launch of the Tsunami API the PARSIQ team will also support protocol specific data with their Data Lakes. These will be specialized and custom-tailored lakes, dedicated to each individual decentralized app or DeFi protocol.

Data Lakes will extend the Tsunami API utility by providing more options to query data. For example, a developer may need specific data related to, say, Uniswap or AAVE. Supported by PARSIQ Data Lakes, all of the historical and real-time data related to these protocols will be even more easily accessible.

To find out more about the Tsunami API, Data Lakes, and full PARSIQ Network roadmap go to


PARSIQ is a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps & protocols. The Tsunami API provides blockchain protocols and their clients (e.g. protocol-oriented dApps) with real-time data and historical data querying abilities.

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