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Tsunami API: Alpha Testing Initiated

Web3 data has never been as fast, as efficient, or as accessible as it is with PARSIQ

Today is a great day for PARSIQ and our community!

We are very happy to provide an update on the progress of our new flagship product, the Tsunami API.

At the end of March, we laid out our plans for how PARSIQ Network will redefine backend systems for Web3 dApps and protocols. At that time, we published our new roadmap, introducing our new suite of products.

The first milestone on that roadmap is the release of our new Tsunami API, scheduled for a launch that is just around the corner (July 2022). Capable of serving data for over 6,288,000,000 transactions in less than a second, PARSIQ is about to make blockchain data more accessible, efficient, and faster than ever before.

We are pleased to report that the alpha testing phase of the Tsunami API is currently underway, and things are progressing quite nicely. In fact, we couldn’t be happier about the results and feedback we’ve received so far!

However, before we get into the details, some in our community might be wondering…

What is an alpha test?

An alpha test can be defined in different ways, depending on the context and the needs of the company doing the testing. Most generally, though, an alpha test is an internal performance test of a product within a contained environment, meant to locate and identify any and all possible issues and bugs that may be in the system.

An alpha test is typically conducted towards the end of a product’s development stages. So, stated as simply as possible, this phase of testing is conducted as a final proof-of-concept confirmation before being tested by external users. And once the product is being tested by real users in a real environment, the product has entered the beta testing phase.

What stage is the Tsunami API at in testing?

We are proud to say we have moved well beyond internal-only testing with the Tsunami API!

As it stands, the Tsunami API is somewhere between the alpha and beta stages of testing. While we are currently in the final stages of creating the software, and while we are still seeking to locate any bugs in our system; we have already progressed to the point where we are bringing in external testers to give the Tsunami API a test drive with real data from the blockchain.

It is fair to say we are still within the bounds of an alpha testing phase. But, it is also more than safe to say we are actively moving forward into beta-stage testing.

Who is testing the Tsunami API, and what does it have to offer?

While we can’t disclose the names of the platforms testing our product, we can confidently say that more than a few projects are interested in what we’ve created!

The Tsunami API is the core API created by the PARSIQ Network. Tsunami provides Web3 dApps and protocols access to the full spectrum of data on a given blockchain. Providing raw data — both real-time and historical — will enable our clients to track any kind of events, metrics, or statistics they desire, such as TVL, liquidity, current and historical token prices, user balances, and more.

About the progress on Tsunami API, Daniil Romazanov (CTO), remarked:

We are finding that the Tsunami API is even faster than it might be and covers as much data as we had planned (which is a lot)! It will be a very important tool for blockchain platforms, giving them all the data they need basically instantly.

What is really exciting is that this is just the beginning. The Tsunami API is the foundation for everything we are building, and it is looking to be a very strong foundation at that.

As it stands, more than 15 protocols and dApps are currently testing the Tsunami API — with others already lined up to give it a try.

Our current testing is being conducted on Ethereum mainnet and Görli testnets. We are very proud to say that our Tsunami API is blazing fast. At the time of writing we have indexed approximately…

  • 21,464,593 blocks,
  • that contain 1,626,168,136 transactions,
  • which executed 2,658,857,392 calls,
  • that produced 2,104,680,920 events.

All this information is available within millisecondsno matter what is being requested!

The Tsunami is coming!

PARSIQ believes that Web3 and blockchain technology is the future. But we also believe that, in order to usher in the next generation of functionality, innovation, and adoption, platforms will need more than simple access to data.

What is needed is highly specified, customizable, fast, and flexible access to that data. With the launch of the Tsunami API on the horizon — coming in July 2022 — that is exactly what PARSIQ Network offers.


PARSIQ is a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps & protocols. The Tsunami API, which will ship in July 2022, will provide blockchain protocols and their clients (e.g. protocol-oriented dApps) with real-time data and historical data querying abilities.

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