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Dullscythe Style Line Art Inspired from Porter Robinson — Tutorial in TouchDesigner

Line Art Style is quite interesting, it’s like someone use a pencil to draw the fantasy world inside my mind in the TouchDesigner.

First, go listening this SONG!!!!!!!

Dullscythe from Porter Robinson. I love this album — Nurture so so much, no matter the Music or Visual Art. That’s why I try to make that kind of style with TouchDesigner in real time.

Warning: If you haven’t listen all the song, you cannot read content below continually

Just Kidding 😉

Alright, let’s get into the tutorial.


Basically, the concept is really simple.

It’s use the a randomly arc or line plus Copy(SOP) & Join (SOP).

Copy (SOP) will duplicate the arc according to the second input which I used the Grid (SOP) to be the example in the image below.

And the Join (SOP) will connect all the arc together, so it will generate like one line drawing.

1. Import the 3D file

Get a File In (SOP), and you can import any 3D file you like. I just imported the birds obj file which I used in the work.

2. Make the 3D to the dots

Create a Sprinkle (SOP) to make the 3D file to be lots of dots.

And select “Per Primitive” of the Method in the panel, you can also try others Method after finishing to see what’s different about them.

3. Copy the arcs to the position of each dots

Copy (SOP) is here. And I used the Circle (SOP) with these parameters (You can refer them will generate like I did). The parameters in the Circle (SOP) panels you can experience whatever you like. It will affect the style a lot.

4. Generate the Line Art Magic!

Last step, just get a Join (SOP). No need to modify any parameters.


You done.

It’s easier than you think, right?

5. Get some decoration, make it more interesting!

I want to make it more like the Dullscythe Music Video showing.

So, I added Transform (SOP) to make it spin and modified the camera angles to render.

6. Adding the background

The birds should live in the forest, right?

Just import some image I like with Movie File In (TOP) and Composite (TOP) with “Over”.

7. Twinkle twinkle little birds

I added the Noise (CHOP) and Level (TOP) to control the “Opacity” to make it more interesting.

8. Put the finishing touches on it!

To make it more unique, I use LFO (CHOP) to make the “Number of Points” of Sprinkle (SOP) changes all the time.

Once the numbers changed, the positions of dots will all be changed. And that will generate the effect like I drawing real time which like the Dullscythe Music Video did.

Also, you can play with the number of Sprinkle (SOP) dots.

For example, let it from 0 to 1000 slowly, it’ll be shaping gradually.

Final Work

There you go!

You will get the Porter Robinson Line Art Style but… Real Time Version!!

I hope you are happy with this tutorial.

If you are have any questions or feedbacks, feel free comments below!

Also tag me on instagram what you did I will be really delight.




Just some the tips and tutorials on my creating journey. I think you will find something useful. 😉 Instagram: TouchDesigner Snippet & Works:

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