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New TouchOSC Tutorial #3: Send Data to TouchDesigner with OSC (CHOP)

TouchOSC is really simple to customize and control your panel with OSC.

Let’s just get into it directly.


Send data from TouchOSC to TouchDesigner.

So you need the target receiver IP address. And put into the control sender.

In this example, I used Smart Phone to be the sender with TouchOSC, and Desktop to be receiver with TouchDesigner.

TouchOSC Setup

First, clicking the “connection” icon → Clicking “OSC” → Tick the checkbox

And we need to setup the host IP (Target IP) and Ports.

Where to get the target IP?

I suggest use the TouchOSC Desktop version. There is a useful function inside.

Follow the step as picture showing.

If everything right, you will find a local IP address, it’s started with

Then, just copy that and paste to the mobile TouchOSC.

And setup the Port anything you want. I just simply set 8000 & 8001.

Okay, now everything done on TouchOSC site.

TouchDesigner Setup

Just create a OSC In (CHOP), and setup the Network Port.

If your TouchOSC Send Port which your just setup is 8000, then you should use 8000 to receive.

That’s it!

Test the OSC Data Sending

Remember to click the play button. And start using your controller.

(I used Desktop version TouchOSC to recording. But it’s same thing on the mobile version.)

That’s all for this simple tutorial.

If any questions you can comment below, I’ll try to answer them as I can.




Just some the tips and tutorials on my creating journey. I think you will find something useful. 😉 Instagram: TouchDesigner Snippet & Works:

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