Our ESD Sandbox or a big beautiful beach?

Today it is a sandbox. What tomorrow will bring is up to you. Let’s begin!

You are sitting in a sandbox, shaping the sand, making patterns and eventually building vertical structures by combining sand with water and perhaps some sticks you took from outside the box, when no-one was looking. But who cares if sticks doesn’t belong in the sandbox as long as they serve a good purpose? Maybe instead of building, we start digging?. Maybe you just toss some sand outside the box and build there…

This publication is an open offer to join the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) debate. As it slowly commences (November 2020), writers will mostly be students and teachers from and in Gothenburg University’s ESD Master Programme. Yet, anyone with a voice is welcome to comment, suggest or submit guest articles or in other ways contribute to developing the concept of this publication. Maybe we restart when we find our path or we continue into the unknown day by day.
In essence, all that matters is that your story has relevance to Education for Sustainable Development.

Rules are not necessary for now. We walk through the sand of time together, all of us, and we begin with trust, common sense, respect and compassionate conversations. Authors are responsible for their own stories, which can be anything between essay-style writings, podcast, video recordings, poems, art, images, or parts of theses or assignments.

…sometimes, just sometimes you manage to realise that the sandbox you find yourself framed by, itself is situated on a big beautiful beach… So why bother with closed boxes at all?



A publication, consisting of reflections, papers, knowledge and experience produced as students of Gothenburg’s Master programme in Education for Sustainable Development

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