How has the availability of UGC and social media changed your media consumption habits? — James

User generated content and social media have had a massive impact on how I consume media. You cant go to any website or watch any TV show without a social media plug, 9 time out of 10 being Twitter. Hashtags are everywhere! I remember making my first twitter account back in about year 8 which would have been 2008 and not really knowing what I was signing up for. This was mainly due to the fact is what only 2 years and not very popular. But now near enough everyone will have a Twitter account including the likes of the Pope and the Queen. Although now I don’t personally use Twitter as much as I used to, it still is a massive platform. This proves what an impact social media has taken. Honestly most of the content I use online is user generated content. I would rather watch YouTube videos than most of the rubbish thats on TV. I enjoy this much more as I have more of a choice of what to watch and its also there whenever I want it. I’m also finding myself using Facebook and Tumbr a lot more recently which is full of UGC. I think this a main reason as to why UGC has had such a big impact on media consumption, theres such a variety of material available. Another point I wanted to make is that when families sit around to watch television, you’ll normally find them all using a smartphone or tablet and not really not paying much attention. I think this is quite interesting and shows how everything has changed.