A website which is very popular and I have not joined is Vimeo. Vimeo is similar to YouTube it allows users to upload, share and view videos. I have come across this website and have viewed 1 or 2 videos and what I noticed is the high quality of the videos. This may be likely as lots of film enthusiasts tend to join Vimeo to upload their work. I myself have seen a wedding video on Vimeo.

To explore this new website I signed up to Vimeo and I was able to look at the different features such as:


It was easy to find videos that I like as videos are organised into categories. For example I like food videos so I clicked on the food category.

It gave further sub categories such as ‘Videos we love’ where staff pick their favourite videos and gave channel suggestions. This way I was able to find the ‘Vimeos cooking channel’ and follow similarly to the ‘Subscribe’ feature on YouTube .

Staff Picks

This feature allows users to view videos that the Vimeo staff are fond of. This is a helpful feature as people just joined the website like me will want to explore and find different videos so these videos must be of good quality as the Vimeo staff them self have suggested it.

On Demand

Video on demand allows users to download and stream movies online. In addition it allows users to buy, rent and subscribe to series, documentaries and original films from video creators themselves. As I have no money I wasn't able to buy any series however I was able to watch trailers for free. Therefore I would use this section more for trailers and read descriptions on the different series out there that I could possibly watch.

First Impression

Whilst going through the different categories and videos I noticed the clean layout with less videos cluttering on the side or around a video, this allows me to have primary focus on the one video I am on. I also appreciate the large size of the video screens as I have bad eyesight and it blocks the view of clicking on other websites therefore I have full focus on the video. Furthermore there is no advertisements such as ads before a video starts or banners on the screen this is an advantage as adverts tend to be distracting and annoying to watch. Finally I noticed the videos itself are of high quality and are from more professional video creators which means I am able to watch well edited videos and come across a more mature audience that appreciate quality videos. To conclude the fact that there is a mature audience I checked the comment section of a few videos and they were all related back to the video as well as giving constructive criticism which means less trolling! Here is an example of a comment section for a cooking video.

Cooking mini cakes in the oven
Comment section

After signing up to Vimeo I enjoyed watching different videos and enjoyed watching high quality videos for a change. I am a big YouTube fan and tend to watch atleast 20 videos a day. I was able to notice the difference of audience, quality of video and layout across these 2 different platforms. Exploring this website was fun and I am going to stay to watch more cooking videos!

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