Travlr is a social networking platform which allows users to interact and communicate about backpacking and travelling. I researched similar websites and apps that hold similarities to Travlr and provide the same services that we planned. As a result I found Backpackr, Tripcast and Trip.me. The first terms and conditions I looked through was from trip.me website.

part of trip.me terms and conditions

The trip.me terms and conditions organised their information into numbered point lists where within the numbered lists there was more numbered lists. Throughout these lists the purpose of the website was stated as well as the rights of the users and what they can and can’t do. Furthermore the consequences were stated if users mistreat the website and use it for purposes such as cyberbullying or malicious behaviour. Trip.me also state their rights such as being able to edit or remove any comments and posts. In my opinion trip.me was able to let users know what the website does for them and what they should expect if rules are broken.

The second terms and conditions I looked at was from the Backpackr app.

Both trip.me and Backpackr terms and conditions are in 2nd person which is effective as it makes the member feel like the company is talking to them directly using words like ‘you’. In Backpackr terms and conditions responsibility is emphasized and repeated to let members know what actions they should be aware of for example ‘You are solely responsible for your interactions between you and other members of our services’. Both of these apps and website have lots of detailed information written in the terms and conditions and can look lengthy.

For Travlrs terms and conditions the team will try their best to break down the information and use the same numbered lists and keep it simple for users to understand. Using both of these websites and apps as guides I will try to make an effective terms and conditions for Travlr.

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