Travlr is a website which is a platform for people who like backpacking and travelling to interact and communicate with each other. Seen as it is considered as a social network website it will bring many kind of users onto the website. There will be users who will use the website for its purpose and there will be users who violate the terms and conditions. Users who take part in cyberbullying, posting malicious content, post hate and bring negativity to the website will need to be taken out when moderating the website. The different moderation system that Travlr is aiming to use is post moderation, reactive moderation and automated moderation.

Post moderation is when content can be seen immediately when users post it and mediators are able to track and review the content. Therefore if a user cyberbullies a user on their feed a Travlr mediator can see it when posted and is able to remove it. This type of moderation is effective for our website as it does not have a big following at the moment therefore there are fewer posts at the moment which means if users post negative content we will be able to track it straight away. Furthermore when conversations are taking place in real time it gives Travlr users a sense of security while using our website.

Reactive moderation is when users are able to flag content that they find offensive or feel break the terms and conditions. This is effective as users can find content which the moderators may have not seen or may have to reevaluate. Reactive moderation can be conducted alongside post moderation and doesn’t effect cost for moderation which is an advantage for our small budget website.

Automated moderation is when technical tools have been used to filter rules into the website to detect and approve submission. The type of automated moderation which is suitable for Travlr is word filter which is able to use a banned list of words and can can star the word or replace the word and even delete the word or message all together. This is effective as it is automated which means it runs all the time therefore it will save time for the Travlr moderation team to find unacceptable content.

Amongst these 3 moderation systems due to the little amount of users that have joined our website the most suitable would be post moderation as there is little content being posted and it would not be hard to find.

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