I was lucky enough to experience a moderation test. During this test I was moderated with others and later I was able to be the moderator to monitor content, which means I was able to experience both sides. This allowed me to feel both the criminal and saviours side of the story.

In the first stage of the moderation test I was given an anonymous user and was able to post anything I wanted. I posted some good messages and threads which the moderators did not take down seen as there was nothing wrong with it. Then I posted swear words which had automated moderation conducted on it which put stars on the word like this:

The moderator then deleted the words and also gave a warning message to me as I did post bad language a couple of times. After posting threatening language I was blocked from the website, this shows that the moderators did an excellent job to detect unacceptable behaviour on the website.

In the second stage of the moderation test I became the moderator giving me the control on what is allowed to be posted and what can be taken off. This process is known as post moderation. When I noticed threatening language and posts being made I deleted the post straight away. I then noticed the same users posting threatening language so I blocked them from the website and I also sent warning messages which said ‘Such posts are unacceptable and you are no longer allowed to be a member’, this warning message also tagged the threatening post. There was around 10 active users and I was able to catch the suers posting the negative posts within seconds. This gave me the idea that in a social media website which is less popular the moderation would be more successful as there are less users.

Overall I enjoyed this moderation test and as a result if I had to pick which side I’d rather have control on it would be the moderator as it is easier to detect issues rather than creating it.

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