First (RED) NFT Drop to Fight COVID and Fund Pandemic Relief Reveal Is Live!

You can view your NFT’s at

The (RED) NFT drop to fight COVID and fund pandemic relief is now complete and you are able to view your NFT’s on We’ve provided instructions for viewing your NFT’s below.

First, let’s recap the great success of the campaign and give a special thank you to everyone who participated. Together, we raised $330,000 by selling 4,388 (RED) NFT’s, which can help more than 80,000 people access life-saving vaccines.

The campaign was a massive success and was featured in Forbes this week which highlighted the incredible work (RED) is doing to help fight AIDS and COVID. You can read the feature article here:

Now, let’s view those NFT’s!

Step 1: Withdraw your NFT’s from your Binance NFT account at to your Binance Smart Chain wallet address on MetaMask

Step 2: Once you’ve withdrawn your NFT’s from Binance to your Metamask Binance Smart Chain Address, visit There is a new “Inventory” button on the header menu. Click the Inventory button and make sure to connect your Metamask Binance Smart Chain address containing your NFT.

Step 3: Once you’ve connected your wallet, you’ll be taken to the inventory page where you can view your NFT’s!

Step 4: Hold onto those NFT’s! We have many launchpad projects and other Partisia Blockchain initiatives coming in the near future and continuing to hold your (RED) NFT’s will earn you early access to the various initiatives and additional Utility.

Thanks to our amazing community for being a part this incredible cause.


Partisia Blockchain Team



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