January Roundup — Mainnet Beta Update, Public Sale Info, and More!

January Roundup! Mainnet Beta Update, Public Sale Info, and More!

Hello Partisians,

We had an amazing January to start the year 2022 and are proud to share some of the big updates here with you today.

Mainnet Beta Update

Last week, we added another 64 block producers to the network, bringing the network to 128 Global Validators! At the time of writing, Partisia Blockchain Mainnet Beta has finalized 452,927 transactions across three shards. The network run time has been 100% with zero outages! This is a major accomplishment and we’re excited to add another node operator committee and stress test the network during February, 2022.

Node Operator AMA

On January, 27, Partisia Blockchain Co-Founders Kurt Nielsen, Peter Frandsen, and Brian Gallagher hosted the first ever video AMA for the Node Operators. It started with a thorough presentation from Kurt regarding the different nodes the network can run, the built in incentives, and near time road map. After the presentation, the team answered questions from the community. You can watch the video here:

Public Sale Details

The much anticipated public sale details are finally coming together! As the official Mainnet genesis block is currently planned for March, the public sale will occur shortly after. There are a few variables to consider regarding the actual Mainnet launch time and the Foundation remains flexible on the exact launch date based on the following:

  1. Open sourcing the libraries during February and the associated bug bounty campaigns. The results of these campaigns have a heavy weight on the determination of the final launch date.
  2. Node Operator stability. As more node operators enter the committee during February the network requires 24/7 monitoring to ensure stability is still 100% and the new Node Operators are properly managing their nodes. Node Operators who fail to maintain a stable node will have to be bounced from the committees before launch.
  3. Based on the findings of these campaigns, the schedule for Mainnet launch can change and the Foundation maintains its complete discretion over the exact date. For now, we are comfortable to say Mainnet is on schedule still for a March launch and at latest a spring launch.

Public Sale Platform: Partisia Blockchain will host its own public sale on our own platform. You must complete kyc.partisiablockchain.com to be eligible for the sale. Beware of any fake sales or scam attempts. The sale will be conducted from the official partisiablockchain.com website and nowhere else.

Price: USD $0.40/MPC Token

Vesting: 2 Year Quarterly Unlock starting at TGE

Sale Quantity: Limited- Minimum cap $5MM, Maximum Cap $40MM.

Twitter Account Verified

Our Twitter Account was verified with a blue check mark by Twitter! This is quite an accomplishment for such an early stage project to get that type of recognition. Please make sure to give us a follow on Twitter if you haven’t already done so!

Open Source and Bug Bounty Campaign with our Partner Immunefi

Over the course of the next week, we will begin to open source some of our libraries and launch bug bounty campaigns with our partner Immunefi. The details of this campaign will come in a separate blog post.

Short Film

We’ve opened a new, official Youtube Account and produced a short film showcasing our project. Be one of the first viewers here:

Discord Launch

We’ve launched our official discord channel! Here’s an invite link for you to join and get integrated into our bustling community: https://discord.gg/JEx7H8XY

Next Up — February!

It’s going to be a high stakes month during February as we test our infrastructure with open source bug bounty campaigns. Beyond that, we’re growing our community. With the new discord server now in operation, we plan to onboard tens of thousands of new users to the community this month. Please get involved by joining the Discord. You can also expect another AMA and more video content.


Partisia Blockchain Team




The official account of the Partisia Blockchain Foundation. Bringing MPC and Blockchain together to enable the scale of all blockchain use cases.

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Partisia Blockchain Foundation

Partisia Blockchain Foundation

The official account of the Partisia Blockchain Foundation. Bringing MPC and Blockchain together to enable the scale of all blockchain use cases.

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