Official: Mainnet Beta is Live!

Today, December 17, marks a historic milestone for Partisia Blockchain. The Mainnet Beta is officially live and all MPC token balances from early contributors who properly registered their purchases are visible on chain!

Launch of — Check out your On-Chain Balance of MPC Tokens! The Block Explorer is now live at Insert your public blockchain address into the search bar to see your on-chain MPC Token balance. You can also view the network validators, transactions, blocks, as well as view the governance shard, shard 0, shard 1, and shard 2.

64 Global Validators made the technical cut to be the original validators of the network. We celebrate their commitment and expertise to be the original validators of Partisia Blockchain!

Partisia Wallet Needs Another Update Before Balances Will Display In Wallet. Please allow another few days before expecting to see your balance display inside the wallet. For now, refer to to check your on-chain balances of MPC Tokens.

Download the Partisia Wallet Chrome Extension:

My MPC Token balance is not displaying on-chain. What do i do?

First things first — if you did not properly register your token purchase and your balance is not displaying on chain — do not panic — there is going to be one more opportunity to register properly and claim your tokens. Email with subject line with the title: “User Balance Incorrect” and we will prioritize it. Make sure to send your email request from the email address you have registered your account from. In the email request, please send the transaction hash you made your early contribution purchase from. Following these instructions will greatly expedite your request being rectified.

Next Steps:

  1. Starting next week and the following week, we will begin to open source some of the blockchain libraries.
  2. Shortly after that, the bug bounty campaign details will be released with BIG rewards for anyone who manages to disrupt the beta network and find critical bugs!
  3. Testing BYOC (Bring Your Own Coin). After approximately two-three weeks, we will focus on testing of the BYOC function to send ETH Ropstein (Testnet ETH) through the oracle, and into your Partisia Blockchain Wallet, so you will have test Ethereum to use to pay your transaction fees on Partisia Blockchain Mainnet.
  4. We will deploy the ERC-20 Equivalent token contract to Partisia Blockchain Mainnet and airdrop test coins into everyone’s wallets, so you can begin to transfer tokens around to different wallets. This public test will ensure transactions fees are being deducted properly from your wallets when making transactions — and also ensure the node operators are able to properly claim their rewards.
  5. Assuming all works, and any critical bugs found are fixed, the official mainnet will deploy with all final MPC token balances.

Thank you to our community for making this possible — especially the node operators who have worked tirelessly to get this blockchain running. This is a great way to close out 2021 and have a rocket start to 2022!

Humbled and Grateful,

Partisia Blockchain Team




The official account of the Partisia Blockchain Foundation. Bringing MPC and Blockchain together to enable the scale of all blockchain use cases.

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Partisia Blockchain Foundation

Partisia Blockchain Foundation

The official account of the Partisia Blockchain Foundation. Bringing MPC and Blockchain together to enable the scale of all blockchain use cases.

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