Partisia Blockchain and Better Internet Search Integrate Scotcoin Into Alternative Search Engine, Rewarding Searchers In Digital Currency For The First Time

Partisia Blockchain and Better Internet Search Integrate Scotcoin Into Alternative Search Engine, Rewarding Searchers In Digital Currency For The First Time

The new privacy-preserving, ad-free, bias-free search engine is underpinned by a token-based internal currency system that rewards users and merchants while prioritising individual privacy and results searchers actually want

Zug — 5 September 2021 — Challenging the status quo, Better Internet Search, a new search engine promising increased privacy, fewer ads, and less bias, and Partisia Blockchain, a Web 3.0 platform built for trust, transparency, and privacy, have successfully integrated digital currency Scotcoin into the Better Internet Search currency system.

In contrast to Google and other leading global search engines, Better Internet Search puts users in control of their own data and its value through its user-centric revenue model. The introduction of Scotcoin means users will be rewarded every time they make a purchase on a website they find through Better Internet Search. This development complements Better Internet Search’s vision of a fairer, circular ecosystem that rewards users for the pivotal role they play in generating revenue.

The integration of Scotcoin as the first digital currency was a natural progression for the projects, each of whom is committed to leveraging technology to bring about positive social change. Backed by The Scotcoin Project Community Interest Company, the charity coin is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. Partisia Blockchain’s unique Bring Your Own Coin model will facilitate the integration of SCOT and potentially other coins onto Better Internet Search in the future.

Better Internet Search founder Dr. Gordon Povey said, “The incumbent search engines deliver results that suit their business model, which is based on advertising. Algorithms prioritize the sponsored content that you are most likely to click on, and the top results you see are based on who was willing to pay most for your attention. Better Internet Search has developed a new model that prioritizes results based purely on users’ search terms. By integrating Scotcoin as a native token, we are able to facilitate an ad-free user experience that generates revenue in a fair and transparent manner, where users are rewarded and can even invest their Scotcoin rewards in social good projects.”

As the saying goes, if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. Leveraging Partisia Blockchain’s bespoke privacy-preserving solutions including Multi-Party Computation (MPC), the two projects are challenging the current advertisement model and upholding the highest levels of privacy and security.

Kurt Nielsen, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, said, “Most search engines cannot preserve privacy because their advertising models rely on tracking and harvesting user data. Our collaboration with Better Internet Search will ensure that privacy is built into every layer of the technology and now, through the integration of Scotcoin, we are facilitating an internal token economy driven by social good. The integration of Scotcoin is just the beginning. We look forward to offering Better Internet Search users more reward options in the future through our unique Bring Your Own Coin model. Watch this space!”

In January 2021, Partisia Blockchain and Better Internet Search secured a grant from the EU-funded Next Generation Internet Trust (NGI Trust), to develop the new alternative search engine. The NGI Trust supports the development of a human-centric internet and provides grant assistance for projects via the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Temple Melville, CEO of Scotcoin and The Scotcoin Project said, “Scotcoin and the Scotcoin Project uses the mechanism of cryptocurrency to generate positive change via its charitable initiatives and is literally remaking the cryptocurrency landscape and redefining what cryptocurrency can do and the positive as well as the impactful societal agendas it can follow. We perceive Better Internet Search as doing the same in the field of search engine technology by providing a refreshed and innovative approach to search engines with an emphasis on integrity of service for the site visitor and one undisturbed by targeted advertising.”


Dr. Gordon Povey, Founder of Better Internet Search, and Dr. Kurt Nielsen, Co-founder of Partisia Blockchain, are available for interview.



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