Partisia Blockchain Mainnet Beta Launch Details!

The time has finally come! We’re proud to announce that on December 17, we will be doing a Public Mainnet Beta Launch of the Partisia Blockchain Mainnet. What does this mean? It means that we will be deploying the Partisia Blockchain Mainnet Beta with test MPC tokens. We will open source several of our libraries which will be followed by a public bug bounty campaign to give developers a chance to find critical bugs. The rewards for finding a critical bug will be high and paid in USDC. A separate blog post detailing the bug bounty campaign will follow.

The rollout process will occur in the following steps:

Step 1: Node Operators Deploy “Beta Genesis Block”. The chain will be open source and the wallet and block explorer will be referencing what is happening on the chain.

Step 2: Users can claim their wallet with accurate balances on chain:

If you participated in the early contribution round your MPC tokens will be displayed on the chain and in the official Partisia Wallet. If you don’t remember your Partisia Blockchain Public Key you registered, you can view it by logging into your KYC portal at and viewing it inside your portal. You can also edit your address and create a new one before December 17. The image below is an example of where inside your portal you can edit your address:

You can edit your Partisia Blockchain Mainnet Address by Clicking the “Edit Address” button

If you have already secured your public / private keypair — no action is needed. Once the public Mainnet beta is live — you can download the Partisia Wallet on Google Chrome and input your private key to claim your token balances.

Partisia Wallet Link:

Step 3: We will allow users to onboard for two weeks and claim their balances and report any discrepancy or issues to Mark your email request subject line with the title: “User Balance Incorrect” and we will prioritize it. Make sure to send your email request from the email address you have registered your account from. In the email request, please send the transaction hash you made your early contribution purchase from. Following these instructions will greatly expedite your request being rectified.

Step 4: Testing BYOC (Bring Your Own Coin). After approximately two weeks, we will focus on the testing of the BYOC function to send ETH Ropstein (Testnet ETH) through the oracle, and into your Partisia Blockchain Wallet, so you will have test Ethereum to use to pay your transaction fees on Partisia Blockchain Mainnet.

Step 5: We will deploy the ERC-20 Equivalent token contract to Partisia Blockchain Mainnet and airdrop test coins into everyone’s wallets, so you can begin to transfer tokens around to different wallets. This public test will ensure transactions fees are being deducted properly from your wallets when making transactions — and also ensure the node operators are able to properly claim their rewards.

Assuming things are smooth, that means we’re a green-light to leave beta and launch the official Mainnet where token transferability and token unlock schedules begin. We’re incredibly excited to get this first version live and testable for the public, and have several use cases and applications being announced during the remainder of December.

Below are the public Mainnet beta feature sets you can expect to see starting on December 17:

Partisia Blockchain shards:

  • Governance: Manages governance layer.
  • Shard0: Standard shard for managing accounts and contracts.
  • Shard1: Standard shard for managing accounts and contracts.
  • Shard2: Standard shard for managing accounts and contracts.

All Baker nodes are peers in the P2P flooding network.

Governance Contracts:

  • Gas and fee plugin: Manages fees and BYOC Twins on the Partisia Blockchain.
  • Fasttrack Consensus plugin: Is the onchain part of the Fasttrack consensus protocol.
  • Routing plugin: Sends transactions to the allocated shard
  • BYOC incoming contract: Determines how external coins or tokens are converted to BYOC Twins (or gas).
  • BYOC outgoing contract: Determines how BYOC Twins (or gas) are converted back into their original counterpart.
  • Large oracle contract: Run and apply MPC based key management used as a shortcut for finalization proofs when replacing small oracles.
  • Block Producer (BP) orchestration contract controls the the list of a Baker nodes
  • System update contract: Determines how a new version of the Partisia Blockchain software is released.
  • Fee distribution contract: Determines how BYOC Twinsis allocated to node operators.
  • MPC token contract: Controls the MPC tokens, allowing for staking, unstaking, transfers etc.
  • Public deploy contract: Determines how to deploy public wasm smart contracts.


  • ETH address for small oracle: The Ethereum counterpart for the BYOC functionality.
  • ETH address for large oracle: The Ethereum counterparty for the committee.
  • Large oracle initial key, the initial key is held by Partisia Blockchain Foundation and used to enable the first oracle once the first Large Oracle key has been generated

Node operator

For every functioning node operator who has completed the questionnaire the genesis block contains:

  • Independent account tokens subtracted from the original account
  • 50,000 tokens.
  • Up to 500,000 if the balance allows it.
  • ECDSA key pair (account)
  • ECDSA key pair (flooding network)
  • BLS key pair
  • Http rest endpoint for key generation
  • Website
  • Name of the node operator
  • Server location/jurisdiction
  • Legal jurisdiction

To learn more about these details — we have officially released the current draft of the Yellow Paper for public viewing here!

Partisia Blockchain is a very advanced layer 1+2 network — so please remember this is a public beta version of Mainnet. We must as a community test it out, node operators must successfully launch it, and then we must measure the results of the bug bounty campaign to ensure the network is ready to launch and scale!

We thank our community for everything and cheers to a strong finish to 2021!

Partisia Blockchain Team



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