Partisia Blockchain’s “ZEUS” Mainnet 3.0 is Live!

Today, we released Version 3.0 of the Partisia Blockchain “ZEUS” Mainnet. This marks our greatest milestone to date, as the release of Zero Knowledge Nodes and Computation is a part of the Zeus 3.0 release.

The most notable feature is the first public release version of the Unified Public and Private Smart Contracts — also named Apollo.
Check the for more details.

It is in many ways our first giant leap towards a comprehensive solution for MPC. MPC as a technology holds many promises, but to meet these promises there needs to be an infrastructure as a blockchain and a specification method. The latter is the new smart contract language allowing specification of both public and private executions in the same structure and syntax.

There have been previous attempts on doing specifications for MPC. Some solutions come from the blockchain space where an existing smart contract language is retrofitted with a private component. These attempts do not completely grasp the computational model and the entailed requirements for MPC; Making these solutions interesting albeit not as powerful for streamlining the MPC execution.

Other solutions have arisen in the academic world — these solutions have allowed for streamlining the execution but have not taken into account that a specification language needs to define both public and private executions as well as being feature complete.

With this new addition, the Partisia Blockchain is now feature complete even though the next generations will make it much better and faster. With version 3.0, we now can deploy Vickrey auctions on the blockchain and shortly hereafter these can be deployed on Ethereum and executed on PBC. We’re also quickly working to launch the Polygon <> Partisia Bridge and the ADA <> Partisia Bridge, with many more partnerships on the way!


Peter Frandsen, Co-Founder and CTO

Partisia Blockchain Foundation


Technical Release Notes:

New Image 3.0.0 Release at 14:00 UTC

Content summary:

⦁Release version 3.0.0 of Partisia Blockchain
⦁ Composite poll 6d77ca1d5f66fcfd3ade78e97165ec9abf0b57c755a934e301086c95fe1ac158
⦁ Deploy ZK node registry at 01a2020bb33ef9e0323c7a3210d5cb7fd492aa0d65
⦁ Deploy REAL preprocess at 01385fedf807390c3dedf42ba51208bc51292e2657With version 3.0.0 Partisia Blockchain Mainnet supports registration and association of stakes to the ZK registry contract. Nodes which register to and associate 100,000 MPC to the contract can be allocated as ZK nodes and perform ZK services, i.e. perform the work of zero knowledge smart contracts.
More information on how to register and associate tokens to the ZK registry contract will be made available soon.

New Image 3.0.1 Released

Content summary:

⦁ Enables on- and off-chain components needed to run ZK computations on Partisia Blockchain.
⦁ PAR-3916: Enable off-chain REAL ZK components
⦁ Composite poll 076d8ecb060b5866e98a8d13d282190592b40db9b1795974e74ea829e06b0d6a
⦁ Deploy real deploy contract at 018bc1ccbb672b87710327713c97d43204905082cb



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