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Introducing The Partisians — The Original NFT Collection on Partisia Blockchain

Partisians is launching alongside the Premier NFT Marketplace and Launchpad on Partisia Blockchain, producing a Metaverse Cartoon Series, and more. Join us on Discord for early access to our whitelist and more!

Paging all Partisians, early adopters, and NFT enthusiasts to join the Borderless-Elite Community.

Today, we’re excited to announce The Partisians NFT project and the launch of our new website

We’re an independent project launching our exclusive Partisians NFTs on the Partisia Blockchain. It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to be the first to launch on a new, outstanding layer 1 protocol, but there’s a lot more to Partisia Blockchain which made us choose to deploy our project on this new blockchain.

Why Launch on Partisia Blockchain?

First, the sharding for scalability allows low cost, high volume minting of NFT’s. This is necessary for a future where NFT’s can mint hundreds or thousands per second at a time. Second, Partisia Blockchain’s privacy preserving MPC and fully homomorphic encryption technology allows for private NFT’s, where only the holder of the NFT can access the secret data within. Third, is the BYOC model, which makes Partisia Blockchain the best layer one to conduct NFT swaps in multiple currencies, all on chain, with no central authority managing the swap. We believe in a future of NFT’s, where they’re available to move across blockchains, and be purchased with multiple currencies, and not limited to ETH, SOL, etc. Partisia Blockchain provides the perfect infrastructure for this.

The Partisians Borderless-Elite Community

The Partisians project starts with an Elite-Community — a world class community of creators, collectors, entrepreneurs, developers, students, inventors, and savants with closely connected members from around the globe.

We’re inviting all Partisians, early adopters, and NFT enthusiasts around the world to join it!

Partisians are a tight-knit group of elite and diverse geniuses from around the world who support and challenge each other to get better and grow stronger.

Our community is growing fast and we’d love for you to join us and help us reach our maximum potential together.

Sign up for the whitelist, and join our growing community on discord and twitter to get started!

The Partisians Development and Art

Although many NFT projects focus on the art first, with The Partisians, we’ve dedicated many of our early resources on development to enable us to launch this inaugural collection alongside working Web3 products on the Partisia Blockchain to offer a robust experience for this new community of holders.

But even with our intense focus on building a strong ecosystem of complementary products, we still understand the importance of quality art. With our foundational elements in place, we are leaning into taking the artwork for The Partisians to the next level. Take a look below to see a preview of some of the earliest Partisians concepts which were recently created by our new design studio, Layers Lab!

Photo credit The NFT Daily

Up Next for The Partisians: Upcoming Releases, Development, Utility, and Roadmap

Over the next few weeks we’ll release the original Whitepaper outlining the core mission and values for The Partisians as well as sharing frequent updates to our Discord Community, and a tentative roadmap.

Soon after, you can expect live demos and the launch of an NFT powered marketplace, social community, and launchpad. For now, those products remain in stealth. The Partisians will also be featured as a Metaverse Cartoon Short-Series, where the characters are brought to digital life. Our team is composed of top NFT artists, Hollywood television show producers, and animators who created cartoons that are even a featured series on Netflix.

Details about the upcoming Partisians mint will be announced soon. You can sign up for early access to our whitelist here.

Join Us

Join us in the official Partisians Discord and follow us on Twitter.

Grab a helmet or a vest. This mission is just starting and could get turbulent!

With lasereyes,

Team PartisiansNFT

About Partisians NFT

Partisians is the Original NFT Collection on Partisia Blockchain. Partisians is launching alongside the Premier NFT Marketplace and Launchpad on Partisia Blockchain. We’re also working on a new metaverse cartoon series which features some of the Partisians characters that we can’t wait to share with you! Partisians is an independent NFT project separate from the Partisia Blockchain Foundation.

Please visit our official social channels below.


Join us on Discord

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Original NFT Collection on Partisia Blockchain. Partisians is launching alongside an NFT Marketplace, Blockchain Powered Launchpad, and more!

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The Borderless Elite 🧬 Original NFT Collection on Partisia Blockchain #lasereyes✌️Partisians is launching alongside an NFT Marketplace, Launchpad, and more.