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Partner League is glad to announce another one of our sponsors, Bean Ninjas, a Xero Platinum Partner with a team that is known for bookkeeping expertise for small to medium businesses.

In times when resource management is crucial for online businesses to grow, Bean Ninjas aims at taking charge of the number crunching and helping business owners out with smart, online bookkeeping. The goal is to let business owners focus on growing their business, while keeping their accounts well-managed.

We are firm believers that the financial affairs of a business are important to look into from day one of setting…

Partner League is fortunate to have a vibrant and inclusive community of thousands of Shopify partners from across the globe. Over the years, we have come together to talk about a number of things. Right from eCommerce as an industry to the tools we use on an everyday basis to run and grow our businesses, to even seeking out help from one another.

So we decided it was time to start getting our members into the spotlight. The people who have been a core part of what Partner League is truly meant for. …

Partner League is glad to announce our sponsors, The Support Heroes, a company that is dedicated to offering affordable customer support for Shopify Apps. With the aim to help Shopify app developers free up their time to improve their app’s feature set and functioning, The Support Heroes has been helping them tackle delivering a good customer support, service and experience.

Matching our ethos for the ecosystem, we’re glad to welcome them onboard as our sponsors as well as partners.

About The Support Heroes and what they do

Most Shopify app developers are either solopreneurs or functioning with a small team. This often leads to them not being able…

Welcome to the Partner League blog. Partner League is a new collab-focused Slack community of Shopify and Shopify Plus partners — connect quickly with potential collaboration partners without the awkward cold-emails.

Simon Sinek says…

I thought I’d use up the first spot here to share the story behind our community. It will give potential members insight into the community, and how it might benefit you as a Shopify or Shopify Plus partner today and in the next few years. If you already know you belong in a community like this, you can request to join here.

Here’s the story and the root of…

Partner League

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