Health Care for Every. Single. Person.

At Partners In Health, we believe everyone should have access to health care, no matter where they live.

For more than 30 years, we’ve committed to ensuring that every mother can give birth safely, every child can have a healthy start, and every person with a treatable disease can access care. Because every single person deserves health care.

From a child in Haiti, to a mother in Sierra Leone, our mission is to treat Every. Single. Person. Are you with us?

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Meet Fanta

When 18-year-old Fanta Karoma found out she was pregnant, she feared the worst. Fanta lives in Sierra Leone, where women have a 1 in 17 lifetime risk of dying in childbirth.

But with PIH’s help, Fanta gave birth safely to her son John via C-section at nearby Koidu Government Hospital.

(Photos by Emma Minor / Partners In Health)

This year, clinicians at PIH-supported facilities are on track to provide more than 30,000 facility-based deliveries, including 6,000 lifesaving C-Sections, for women around the world.

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Meet Lovenyou

1 in 5 children in Haiti is starving. Lovenyou used to be one of them. Staff enrolled him in PIH’s malnutrition program, and he received the lifesaving care he needed to grow strong and healthy.

(Photos by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health)

Thanks to PIH, every year in Haiti, nearly 10,000 children like Lovenyou get the treatment they need to thrive.

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Meet Agnes

Roughly 10% of adults in Malawi live with HIV, and Agnes Paulo is one of them. With the support of PIH, Agnes takes antiretroviral therapy to control the disease, and did so throughout her pregnancy with her youngest son, Ulemu.

By taking ART consistently, Agnes has dramatically reduced the chance that her infant son will contract the virus. She is among the 30,000 people for whom PIH has provided lifelong ART treatment around the world.

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(Photos by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Health)

Meet Melquiades

When we met Melquiades 20 years ago, he was on the verge of death, one among millions suffering silently with tuberculosis — which today is the deadliest infectious disease in the world. With PIH’s support, he beat the disease and is now an advocate for TB patients all over the world.

(Photo by Josue Quesnay Gomez / Partners In Health)

In Peru, nearly 4,200 patients are currently receiving TB treatment with PIH’s support, and thousands more have benefitted from our challenging the conventional wisdom that TB is too difficult and expensive to treat in poor places.

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