Our Year in Photos: 2018

A look back at moments shared among PIH patients, colleagues, and friends

Over the past year, our colleagues around the world visited patients in their homes, delivered newborns into mothers’ arms, and shared the good news of a positive prognosis.

The photos below show a small cross-section of the day-to-day experiences of PIH doctors, nurses, community health workers, and staff as they made good on our belief that every single person deserves high-quality health care.

Here are some highlights, and awe-inspiring sights, from 2018.

MOHALE’S HOEK, LESOTHO: Mme Bonang Motlomelo, a village health worker coordinator, walks to the home of a patient who lives on the other side of the barbed-wire fence. Neighbors held the fence’s wires apart for Motlomelo as she stepped through. (Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health)
CROWNPOINT, NEW MEXICO: Martha Williams (right), a community health representative for the past 34 years, goes over nutrition information with Linda Davis, 74, during a home visit. Williams works with households near Mariana Lake and Smith Lake in the Navajo Nation. (Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health)
MATANDANI, MALAWI: Frocy Rodgers, 18, holds her 1-day-old son in the maternal waiting home at Matandani Health Center in Malawi’s Neno District. Rogers lives in Samson Village, a several hours walk from the health center. Her community health worker accompanied her on several visits during her pregnancy. PIH-supported Matandani Health Center provides care for about 2,000 households across 17 villages. (Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Health)
MIREBALAIS, HAITI: Miss Magda Louis-Juste (center), an oncology nurse, and Miss Viergela Pierre (right), the oncology nurse manager, review patient files at University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti. (Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health)
HA LIKOMISI, LESOTHO: Sophia Mathamae Thamae, 69, stands in her family’s cluster of homes in the mountain village of Ha Likomisi, northeast of Maseru, Lesotho’s capital. She is a retired schoolteacher and the grandmother of Likomisi Thamae (not shown), an HIV and MDR-TB patient who lives in the home shown behind his grandmother. He is 22, was diagnosed with HIV at age 7, and is now maintaining steady HIV treatment and was recently cured from MDR-TB. His grandmother was instrumental in connecting with PIH and supporting his care. (Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health)
LISUNGWI, MALAWI: Chisomo Tigone, 7 months old, sits with his parents, Thomas and Flora, at the PIH-supported Lisungwi Community Hospital in Neno District, Malawi. The family had left home at 5 a.m. to bring Chisomo to Lisungwi, where doctors tested him, diagnosed severe malaria, and immediately began treatment. Chisomo soon felt better, and the family returned home the next day. (Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Health)
KIREHE, RWANDA: Carrots grow at a PIH-supported cooperative about 20 minutes from Kirehe District Hospital in southeastern Rwanda. (Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health)
MASERU, LESOTHO: Nurse Mahali Lethetsa uses an i-STAT analysis machine during a checkup for Mokone Tukiso, a 33-year-old multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patient, at Botsabelo Hospital. Tukiso, a truck driver from southern Lesotho, is also HIV-positive and started antiretroviral therapy in 2016. He was admitted to Botsabelo Hospital and responded quickly to MDR-TB treatment. (Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health)
DZOMODYA VILLAGE, MALAWI: Dr. Dimitri Suffrin checks on Agnes Makunda, a 3-year-old HIV and malnutrition patient, while she is held by her 28-year-old mother, Margaret Makunda. Suffrin, the TB & HIV program manager for PIH in Malawi, and other PIH staff visited the family because medical records indicated Margaret and Agnes had missed HIV treatments. The PIH team discovered that the Makundas’ home was falling down and that they were essentially homeless. Suffrin decided to begin daily checkups on Margaret and her four children, while PIH assessed the potential for housing support. (Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Health)
NENO, MALAWI: A view of Mposadala Village, which sprawls over a steep hillside, and is served by PIH-supported Nsambe Health Center. (Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Health)
LIMA, PERU: Dr. Epifanio Sánchez reviews an EKG conducted on a tuberculosis patient at Sergio E. Bernales Hospital. (Photo by William Castro Rodríguez / Partners In Health)
FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE: Mohamed Swaray teaches an adult literacy class for the Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors. (Photo by Tolu J. Bade for Partners In Health)
LUMBE VILLAGE, MALAWI: Rhoda Donda, 45, sits outside her home atop a steep ridge. Donda is a farmer and HIV patient who lives with her five children. PIH staff visited the family to check on Donda, who previously had a fungal skin infection and scabies that had dried up her skin and joints, leaving her stiff and unable to walk for a year. The family had a difficult time harvesting crops and getting them to market during Donda’s ailment, leading to malnourishment. The PIH team brought food and also inspected the family’s home, which had a leaky roof and crumbling walls as the rainy season approached. (Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Health)
MIREBALAIS, HAITI: Nurse Guerdie Duvert walks back to the oncology department after mixing chemotherapy in the nearby pharmacy at University Hospital. (Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health)
KALIMEZAKO VILLAGE, MALAWI: Charles Phirimoni, 4, sits between his father, Jivini Phirimoni (left), and Sitalire Kapira (right), PIH maternal and child health clinical officer, during a home visit. (Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Heath)
NENO, MALAWI: A child throws a rock in Lower Neno District during the peak of the dry season. (Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Heath)