Grads Champion Health Care for All

The next generation of global health leaders is preparing to take on some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

On June 3, the University of Global Health Equity in Rwanda graduated its second class of global health leaders. The university is a Partners In Health initiative that brings students from around the world together, combining real world experience with classroom learning to prepare its graduates to deliver equitable health care to people in need.

We asked members of the newest class of graduates why they chose UGHE, what they learned over their two years there, and what comes next for them.

Naome Nyirahabimana

Rwanda, research assistant with PIH in Rwanda

Photo by Aaron Levenson / UGHE
“ I plan to use my MGHD degree to serve and advocate for the improvement of everyone’s better life. I believe that health is a human right and it is a privilege to be one of those who champion for equitable access to health care.”

Arsene Hobabagabo

Burundi, doctor with Rwanda Diabetes Association

Photo by Neha Shah / UGHE
“In my day-to-day work, having learned about the social determinants of health helps me comprehend what forces brought my patients to get sick…. Notions on health system building, health finance, leadership, policy making, history, etc., help me every day to better understand the world we live in and what it would take to make it fairer.”

Stephenson Musiime

Rwanda, consultant pediatrician with Glamerc Polyclinic

Photo by Zacharias Abubeker for UGHE
“As a pediatrician who has been in practice for a long time, I realized that some people are more vulnerable to diseases than others. While offering effective treatment is very essential, it is more costly and does not prevent people from getting sick. I realized that more effort was needed in the preventive stages of disease…. I will be a voice for the voiceless and encourage my colleagues to do the same.”

Kurt Figueroa

Mexico, oncology clinical officer with PIH in Rwanda

Photo by Zacharias Abubeker for UGHE
“As an alum, I plan to always apply and understand the social determinants of health surrounding every setting, workplace, and person; to apply the best option for development for the population; and to always provide a preferential option for the poorest of the poorest.”

Alfred Hagengimana

Rwanda, physiotherapist at Kibogora District Hospital

Photo by Neha Shah / UGHE
“I have developed skills in principles of equity. I have developed skills on how to design and implement health programs. I have developed skill in business administration. I have developed skills in compassion and integrity.”

Sylvia Mbabazi

Rwanda, physiotherapy unit manager at Oshen King Faisal Hospital

“I plan to use my MGHD to join other global health experts all over the world in solving global health challenges affecting our Rwandan community and African continent at large, through a One Health and equity lens. These challenges include poverty, malnutrition, and epidemic diseases, among many more.”

Willy Ingabire

Rwanda, training institute manager at Zipline International

Photo by Zacharias Abubeker for UGHE
“As an alum, I plan to use evidence to advocate for policy change at work.”

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