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4 min readApr 15, 2022


Because fun 🎉 and creativity ✏️ are at the heart of Partoo values, the Tech team has recently organised its very first hackathon, or otherwise known as the Partoo Buit-IT day 👩‍💻.

The thrill of the event was shared with all the Partoo teams — everyone was invited to participate! For 24 hours straight ideas were shared, solutions were built and new connections were made. Here’s a sneaky glimpse on how it went:

The theme

Traditionally, a hackathon has a specific subject given beforehand. In our case, we didn’t want to impose any boundaries for the Partoo Built-IT Day. The idea was to simply build something interesting that all Partoo collaborators could benefit from. Keeping the theme quite broad, this gave the participants the flexibility to choose from quite a large variety of subjects 🤩.

“This could have been anything, we let our imaginations run free! From a tool that scrapes websites to get new prospects, to a car-pooling initiative in the office!”
Jonas Bru CTO


The two days event went on according to the following planning:

But let’s get into more details! 😃

Day 1. Kick-off

The first day started by a word from our CTO Jonas Bru explaining the concept and the not so long list of rules 😄, followed by a pitching session of the proposed projects. Over 20 ideas were exposed prior to the event and the most intriguing ones gained their adherents on the day.

Célia, our Knowledge Manager pitching her project idea

Ready? Steady? Gooo!

Once the teams were formed, each claimed a cosy corner and unchained their creativity 💭

Scrape the internet to monitor the ranking of Partoo businesses over time, build a map to identify all the different nationalities at Partoo, initiatives to help entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life… just to name a few.

Conception phase
Goodies needed for determining the phone booths availability

The night came quickly and after regaining fresh forces with delicious pizzas 🍕 and beers 🍻 the competition carried on until the dawn — no time for sleep!

Day 2. It’s show time

🥐 ☕️ Wireframes are sketched, UIs are designed, code is written, presentations are prepared — after only a couple of hours of sleep the team’s enthusiasm is even more present.

The presentations

During this short period of time, 6 projects were developed by 30 courageous people 😃. All solutions were offering advanced functionalities and some took the extra mile to build the mobile integration with our app. Here are the projects:

🍔 Lunchoo — A tool entirely dedicated to planning the perfect lunch :at what time, with whom, without flooding slack channels.

📌 Diversitoo — The best way to get to know your colleagues. Where they are coming from, fun facts and hobbies they have.

🗓 Meevent — Run efficient meetings using a tool that enables all the best practices of how a meeting should go.

🚀 Partoopreneurs —A networking tool that helps bringing to life the ideas and boost them with the support of the Partoo collaborators.

☎️ RoomsAn IoT project to quickly find and book the available meeting room or phone booth in the office, without wasting any time nor energy.

📈 Rankoo A business ranking tool based on specific keywords and business location using scraping on Google maps. Enables tracking the progress over time.

🏆 Awards

The jury formed of six members (cross-teams) had the hard task to deliberate and assign the awards.

Thibault Renouf ( CEO), Romain Legay (Chief Revenue Officer SMBs), Mehdi Redissi (Team lead CS SMBs), Joelle Huy (VP Customer Care), Guillaume Lavoisier (Chief Customer Officer), Edouard Lambert (Lead developer) — Jury

There were three categories awards given:

  • 🏆 Best project
  • 🎭 Funniest project
  • 👷 Most advanced project

The winners of this Partoo Built-IT Day were 🥁🥁🥁

🎉 Rankoo team 🎉 awarded the Best project winning 🍾 and 🏆

Gaya, Rémy, Léonard, Jonàs and Idris — Rankoo team!

🎉 Lunchoo team 🎉 awarded the 🎭 Funniest project winning🍾 & special surprise 🎭

Killian, Paul, Guillaume, Natacha and Loubna — Lunchoo Team :)

🎉 Rooms team 🎉 was awarded the 👷 Most advanced project winning 🍾

Lucien, Jordane, Clément, Alexandre and Raphaël — Rooms team :)

What’s next?

Partoo Build-IT day was a remarkable experience from which we’ve learned a lot, therefore there are high chances that we’ll reorganize another session soon! Ideally, we’d like to organise an event like this every 6 months, where we can bring new ideas to life and encourage collaboration between our various teams!

We know that there is always room to improve, so if you have any suggestions for what we could do better next time, please let us know in the comments below 😃