70 percent of workers on US fields come from Mexico or Central America, and more than 40 percent of them are undocumented.
6 Things I Would Ask the Presidential Candidates About Food and Farming
Mother Jones

I use the word opportunity a lot for a reason: it is the nature of this land.

We currently have a public number of 12 million “undocumented” America-residing human beings (to not use legal terms, nor act like we are where we ain’t)-

with the path to citizenship, to my mind, a best option, and all the blessed workload of agriculture and farming,

we have a great way to utilize and finally respect a whole class of American laborer,

and likely ennoble the job, as it were, by folding it into the major educational initiative of Earth and agricultural literacy.

3 points here :

  • Gives you something better in your hand to engage human beings — who likely are employed — than a gun, handcuffs or a kick in the ass.

Deputizing the food chain, and fusing it to our agriEDUCATIONAL NEEDS is a hard nosed and mind blowing way to look at monetizing parenting.

  • Also gives the “undocumented” parties something to offer, beyond the fight in them for a better life, and much more than some stinking greenge card…. (see Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall) … (apparently, Mel Brooks, too)