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11 More Things I’m Thankful For 💛

Throwback! c.2016 @raenaofficial
  1. The Joy of Originality. — There’s nobody on this Earth quite like me. 😉
  2. The Improvement of Talent. — I get better everyday. 💪🏾
  3. The Virtue of Patience. — I enjoy taking my time, and I let the Universe do the same. 🌍
  4. The Wisdom of Economy. — I am nothing without the generosity of others, and my ability and willingness to reciprocate. 🤝
  5. The Obligation of Duty. — My commitment to the world at-large never wavers. 🔐
  6. The Power of Kindness. — Despite all I’ve been through, I still have a warm heart of gold. I know my deeds make other people’s day. 💛
  7. The Worth of Character. — Integrity is everything, and I’ll always be a woman of my word. 🗣
  8. The Dignity of Simplicity. — I appreciate how I don’t have to say or do too much to get my point across. 💅🏾
  9. The Pleasure of Working.— Who hustles harder than me? 🤔
  10. The Success of Perseverance. — I reap everything I sow because I tend to my garden every day. 🌻
  11. The Value of Time. — Even the world’s richest man couldn’t afford mine. ⏳



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