Challenge Self

Adventure at Zero Cost

Three months ago, I wrote, “going out solo to the movies/vacation is more beneficial than going out with the same old friends.”

Here’s what I really meant by it,

I love spending time alone.


I get to be me. Not somebody who adjusts for every situation. But, an opportunity to enjoy the world by myself.

We become vulnerable when we are tackling situations alone. But that also teaches us to manage self and do things that we really want.

Talk to that stranger. Laugh hard yourself. Others will see it odd, but you are enjoying that movie. It’s fun. At least for me. It’s adventurous.

Every now and again, challenge yourself. Push to do things you have never done. I love them more than anything.

It’s actually an adventure.


Don’t overdo, but start somewhere. Here’s what I’m doing this month. Pick something you are waiting for years to do. Might be a small thing. But, it doesn’t matter, maybe learn a new skill.

I’ve got a few ideas for you, I haven’t tried all of them out yet, but I’ll certainly do most if not all of them.

  1. Take a vacation and travel solo. (It doesn’t always have to be a foreign country)
  2. If you already don’t, make your bed every morning.
  3. Go and watch 4 movies in a month — alone.
  4. Start tutoring or teach students. (You can make money too)
  5. Have an important question about life? Send an email to 100 people to get an answer. ( Preferably well-recognised people in the field — whatever your interests are )
  6. Read 4 books autobiographies a month. Write what they all have in common and any other crazy things each one did. Maybe we can add a thing or two to our lives.
  7. Donate or get rid your old clothes and preferably keep only a few you might want. — a minimalistic approach.
  8. Be a volunteer for a month.
  9. Live in a rural village with villagers for a couple of weeks/months.
  10. Start working out every morning if you already don’t.
  11. Do a new exercise that you never did before.
  12. Run. Look at your own records. Then, run again.
  13. Learn a language. Then, go to that country.
  14. Learn to code.
  15. Study philosophy for a month. Buy all the books and read them.
  16. Write a book.
  17. Learn martial arts.
  18. Learn to play a new sport.
  19. Work for a foreign coffee shop for a week while on a two-week vacation.
  20. Start a business.
  21. Start another business.
  22. Learn to do card tricks.
  23. Run a marathon.
  24. Climb the Everest.
  25. Make 5 friends on the internet from 5 different countries and actually meet them.
  26. Live a life.

Ain’t it fun? You can do whatever you want at whatever way you like. Those challenges will eventually lead to our growth as humans.

I know for a fact, it is better than living a mundane life of monotonous 9–5 work.

Any challenge?

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