How Far You Come Won’t Matter

One More Step and Never Give Up

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

78 international test cricket batsmen have got out for 99 runs in an innings. Even if it is an opposition batsmen, cricket lovers feel for them. They toiled hard for the runs. Batting for long hours, sweating on the pitch after getting soaked by the sun throughout the day, sometimes for days. Still, that 99 won’t count as a 100. It will be a 99. Forever.

The goldminer who came three steps near to the fortune and went back didn’t became rich.

Whether it is scoring a 100, trying to be successful — hanging in there till you reap the benefits matters.

If you’ve watched any Les Brown motivational videos, you probably have heard, “Never Give Up” 1000 times. It is for a reason.

When we all start, we see many players in our respective fields, it might be competitors. As time takes into affect, the number of players remaining become less and lesser. Once it has become mature, you’d see no more than a handful of people/competitors around you.

Andy Frisella explains this as pyramid. The only way to move to the top of the pyramid is sharpening our toolkit and by being patient.

As we all appeal to “Never Give Up.”