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Comediennes Molly Kornfeld and Vic Hoffman host Babes in Boyland: A new podcast about being a couple of young 20 somethings navigating the world of comedy, which inevitably means fighting off dick hence “BABES IN BOYLAND.” I respect them AND I like them. I even had the pleasure of being a guest on their podcast this week.

When I first met Molly and Vic, I was super intimidated. Who were these stunning ladies making audiences pee in their pants from laughter? I was instantly jealous of them. So, immediately I knew we would become friends. Because that is how most of my true friendships begin — with intense jealousy.

Molly has a friendly and generous demeanor. She treats everyone she meets like you are the best friend she has ever had. She is sweet and has great hair. Her comedy styles is a mix of Ellie Kemper, Sarah Silverman, and your gay best friend.

Vic successfully kills the resting-bitch-face game. Vic is an onion who has layers that need to be peeled off slowly and carefully. Vic is magnetic on stage. Vic has a dark sense of humor. Vic cracks audiences up. I can’t compare Vic to anyone. Vic is great. End of story.

These two ladies have been a dynamic comedy duo for about a year now. Their friendship is the glue that keeps the comedy community together because they ask all their comedy friends to be on the podcast, therefore giving us all a reason to live.

The day I was on Babes in Boyland I was nervous because they were recording at Vic’s apartment in Astoria, and anyone who knows me knows I hate traveling farther than 30 minutes outside of my own neighborhood (I live in BK). Stop judging and let me live my life!

I arrived fashionably late and entered the apartment to see Molly and Vic snuggled up together under one large fluffy blanket nursing a glass of wine. (Just to clarify they were not sharing one glass of wine, they had their own separate glasses of wine. They aren’t THAT close.)

The podcast began with these delightful besties discussing their week, a party they had recently been too, Molly’s weird pubes, and the possibility of them having sexual tension. They both pitched ideas and scenarios to one another about how and when they would finally act on their true feelings. I was full on third wheeling it and I loved it.

We talked for an hour about our mothers and what they think about us pursuing comedy. We touched upon subjects like Donald Trump (EW!), improv, friendships, annoying people, death, horoscope signs, and psychic powers. It was the ultimate wet dream of slumber parties. These ladies are a joy and are taking the Comedy world by storm one pube joke at a time!

This Friday October 21st marks Babes in Boyland’s one-year anniversary and, of course, they will be celebrating with a show! Please join them at The Mockingbird located on 25 Avenue B, New York, Ny 10009 starting at 7:30pm. Line Up includes: May Wilkerson, Usama Siddiquee, Colin Lewis, Chanel Ali, Anthony DeVit, and Emma Willmann!

Find out more information (and get tickets) on EventBrite!

Becca Beberaggi is a Writer/Comedian/Actress/Nap Enthusiast and you can follow her on Twitter at @beberagg.

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