Stuff we did in 2017

Passbolt’s Year in Review

2017 was an epic year. Snow leopards were removed from the endangered species list, big companies pledged to go completely green and passbolt implemented a bunch of new features. Here’s a round-up of our year. What did you get done? Let us know in the comments!


What a better way to start 2017 than with a maintenance release? Our new year’s release was mainly about bug fixes. We also proposed the design of the Groups Feature to the community, and we were ranked #3 in the top 10 new tool of the year. We were featured on Virtua shipped in with some sponsorship for the groups feature. 2017 kicked off in style.


In February, Chrome v56 came out and caused some hectic at the passbolt office. You can read more about it in the incident report, but the TL;DR is that we fixed it pretty quickly. We did a couple more releases and went to FOSDEM as lightning talk speakers. We started developing the group feature that month and we opened our new office in Luxembourg, at an incubation center called technoport.

March and April

In March we participated at the internet freedom festival and won in a bottle of tequila at the tools showcase. We kept developing on the groups feature. Then, on March 15th, we graduated from Fit4Start, the acceleration program run by the Luxembourg ministry of economy. When April rolled around, we were still busy developing the group feature.


With much fanfare, we released the group feature in v1.5.1, and of course we wrote a blog post about it. Later that month, the passbolt crew had an all day meeting with the We Are Open Co-op to do some soul searching around our communication, marketing and style. Diego joined the passbolt team in quality of “site reliability engineer” as a part-time freelancer.

June and July

In the first summer month, we rewrote the passbolt docker from scratch and released more group features, like email notifications. Then we started the Firefox extension migration and wrote some code to allow filtering passwords by groups. We listened to the community and relaxed field validation rules too. Then we had a talk at the Cyber Security Breakfast:


In August we released the Firefox embed web extension and migrated all the user data transparently to a new format with no data loss and no hassle for the users. That was pretty cool. We also collaborated with with Mailvelope on usability improvements .


Then came autumn. Diego and Remy quit their day jobs and started focusing on passbolt full time. This was due to us managing to get some seed funding. Mozilla reviewers made some recommendations for the passbolt web extension, so we did a few security updates, and then we started the migration to CakePHP 3. We continued to help Mailvelope with a new contextual menu design and development. With Diego and Remy going full time, we noticed an uptick in passbolt’s overall productivity, so score.


In October, I (Laura) joined the team for a few days a month to help us out with non-devvy kinds of things. We dropped the legacy format for the Firefox extension and launched the new one with version 1.6.6. We migrated servers to Google Cloud, made sure all our architecture runs on docker. We got kubernetes managing our containers, and we got crazy enough to start doing deployments on Fridays. One of those Fridays we broke our DNS records, and we had our longest downtime because we misspelled one letter. We won’t say who was responsible! (Diego!)

fig. Is it down or just me?

All our infrastructure management has been migrated to treat infrastructure as code. We do like to test things even our docker images! We did a lot in October, here’s more: API security update and small bug fix, Payment gateway and CRM setup, Community edition donation page, Participated at Web Submit.


Cakephp 3 migration continues, yes, it takes some time. Also Laura got excited when we set up a Discourse install and we officially launched our community forum. Go make feature requests or post something in the Community Feedback category!


So now it’s December. We want to launch API version 2 on cakephp 3 and we’re getting a code review from CakeDC. We’re also intending to take a bit of a break over the holidays because, hey, 2017 has been pretty intense.

Next year

In early 2018 we will be launching passbolt version TWO POINT ZERO. More on that soon. We’ll also have a revamped Knowledge Base and a bunch of other little bits to talk about.

Hope everyone has a super holiday season! See you next year :)