Patience strolled in and found Simon sleeping as usual, it was 3:00pm on Monday afternoon. She got upset and went inside to take one of his belts but realized if she used it on him, there would be problem. She went back to the bedroom and woke him up gently.

When Simon got up, he yelled at her and Patience not being able to hold herself broke out in tears. She hauled insults at Simon, telling him that if he continued that way, she would end the relationship. This continued for six months repeatedly and Patience could no longer condone it as Simon refused to change.

She got up one morning and was prepared to leave Simon for good. As she stepped out of the gate, she bumped into her cousin whom she had not seen for a long time and they greeted each other happily as both never expected that they would come across themselves. Her cousin asked her where she was going carrying so much load and she went on to narrate everything to him.

D.C felt remorse for his cousin and decided to enlighten her a little, making her understand that she cannot change her man, he would change some things out of his own free will and because he loves her. They talked at length and Patience thanked her cousin and made up her mind to continue the relationship.

Have you ever thought of changing your man from who he is to who you want him to be? How possible is that?

To tell you the truth, you can only make your man be who you want him to be but cannot change him because character, attitude and behavior is inbuilt. A man will change only because he loves you. No matter how much effort you put in to make him change, a man will never change because it is what you want.

You need to be patient with your man, treat him with love and accord him respect at all times. This is the only way to win his heart and get him to change from those things he does that do not go well with you.

Change cannot take place at once, it is a gradual process. Don’t push him to the wall, be tolerant and with time, you will get the desired result. No man likes to be forced to do things, they always want you to make them feel like the man they are. When you talk to your man about those things you do not like, say them affectionately and romantically but if after a long time there is still no change, maybe that’s your own cross as everyone has his/her own cross to bear but, when you realize you cannot cope with it, it is better not to push through to marriage. “A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage”. In a failed relationship, you can still pick yourself up from where you fell and start over again but in a failed marriage, the stigma lasts forever — you are tagged “DIVORCEE”. No man will want to take in a divorcee for a wife so, be wise.