Hold me to ransom for my deeds but not my thoughts
Kidnap me ’cause of my hands but not my pen
Arrest me because of my speech but not my words
For with my thoughts pen and words I move the world

Take me to the judge for my honesty
Make me face the law for my uprightness
Put me in a cell for my selflessness
But believe me those can change the world

Question me for my beauty not my kindness
Ask me about anything aside my smile
Hate me ’cause of many things but not my happiness
Because kindness smile and happiness can save the world

Test not my faith but my patience
Touch not my hands but my heart
Feel not my sorrow but my joy
So we can survive the world

Forgive me for you’re human
Overlook my misdeeds ’cause you do err
And you can hold me to ransom all you want
But not for things we both can’t change

©NobleHeart (Mar’yam Thawbaan)