Not The Nigeria Of My Dreams

Fellow Nigerians,

You’re most welcome to a new Nigeria, under the distinguished leadership of the amiable President, His Excellency, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR.

I have patiently followed this administration, and I am still following her activities. There’s no doubt that this administration is full of lies and very good at blame game. However, breach of fundamental human rights is grossly known and active in this APC led government.

See me as a critic, I don’t give care, but you’ll agree with me that Mr. Joachim didn’t actually commit any crime by naming his pet-dog Buhari. Yet, he was detained and deprived of his right constitutionally. You’ll also bury your head in agreement with me that the late lady evangelist Bridget who was brutally killed in Abuja didn’t commit a crime too by professing her faith. Till date, we hear nothing about her case.

I remember vividly that prior to the year 2015 of the Presidential election, Nigerians by the then opposition parties were made to believe that the administration of Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was full of corruption, and that the then President could not actively discharge his protective constitutional duties as regards the Chibok girls and the Boko Haram issues. But, little did we know then that the underlying factors were not those aforementioned, but of his tribe and religion. Again, I must say this, despite the “corruption” we were made to believe, Nigerians could afford three square meals in a day, and their jobs were not taken away from them by the government then.

The Nigeria of my dream is the nation where our government will be seriously minded about the welfares of the citizens. A Nation, where her President will be solely and actively involved in protecting the citizenry. Not a nation where Mr. President is championing #JamehMustGo campaign but, sees no reasons why the Fulani herdsmen should not leave our country too.

In our present Nigeria, how much is a litre of kerosene? How much is that of petroleum too? Let’s come down a bit, how much is a sachet of pure water? The price of a poly bag or blade? What about your PHCN bill? Food items nko?

There’s nothing that is normal again in this nation, yet, those that speaks are tagged “wailers”! This is not the Nigeria that i dreamt of.

The Nigeria of my dream is the one that the President can protect her citizenry without any sentiments. For example, the President sees no reason why he should visit Southern Kaduna, yet, he enjoys taking external glory from ECOWAS as a leading figure in Jameh’s case. Mr. President strongly believes in his Vice President (technically Malam Nasir El Rufai) for solving the case, but we have not really heard any progressive reports from any of them. Thanks to Pastor Tunde Bakare, Alhaji Salami Abubakar, Bishop Kukah and the CAN President who sees it fit to rise to act! I dreamt of a safe Nigeria.

The Nigeria of my dream is not the one where a Governor will insult the students, on a case he should be ashamed of. You will remember that the same Oyo State Governor #Ajimobi once openly have a kiss with his daughter. Tell me what is moral decadence, if not this? I don’t dream of this kind of society.

The Nigeria I dreamt of is the nation that has zero tolerance on religious matters. Not a society where a faith is much more regarded than the other. Zero tolerance on tribal issue. Not a nation where the Hausas believes that they owns the nation.

The sad part of the whole issues is this, Mr. President’s diehard fans are obviously making arrangements for 2019 electioneering process. While, we have not seen any dividend of his administration. There’s no Boko Haram victory yet. However, our soldiers should be praised and assisted in all fronts by this sick government. The insurgents are still actively working.

I only pray that our governments should be much more serious on national matters. Leave sentiments, and seek for wisdom.

I will round it off here by saying that, the Nigeria of our dream should be peace loving and administratively responsible.

God bless Nigeria.

I write from Sabongidda Ora, Owan West Region, Edo State.

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