Fellow Nigerians,

The gruesome killings in the Southern Kaduna that the Federal and the State governments are not really taking serious is gradually turning to something else. And if matured and objective care will not be considered, it will tear us apart finally.

Late late year, it was reported that the Fulani Herdsmen were killing Christians in Southern Kaduna, but no one was listening to them. The negligence of the State government made the case becomes unbearable and it draws outsiders’ attention.
It must be said that the region is majorly a Christian region, and that’s why many Christians sees the nonchalant acts of the Muslim Fulani Governor as antichristian and inhuman.

At a time, the Catholic Church says about 800 were killed, but NEMA said 202. But, the simple fact remains that, a life worths living! It was clear that no one was helping the people.

Early this year, Christian clergymen begin to voiced out. Declaring the act as evil targeted at Christians in the region. Some humanitarians too joined them in condemning the Fulani herdsmen activities and asked the Governor to act fast. But, their cries means nothing to both Mr. President and Malam El Rufai. For example, Mr. President did not visit that region in person, yet he was championing Gambia’s case. He was welcoming ECOWAS’ assignments while his own nation was on fire. To get the matter worse, the Presidency says that the Governor is handling the issue. But, the Governor had only paid the Fulani herdsmen and told them he was their tribesman. Objectively, this suggests that Mr. Governor knows these killers, but instead of arresting them, he offered them money.

This act provokes many Nigerians but, to our surprise, any Nigerian that speaks against the Fulani Governor’s act or the barbaric display (mostly a Christian), he would be intimidated by the government of the land !

Still in January, it was reported that Bishop Oyedepo prayed that “if it is God’s will to divide Nigeria, He should now” ! Many came up to call him names. Forgetting that the sick exhibition of this herdsmen may lead to civil unrest and even tear us apart without repair.

Few days ago, a drama was staged and the actors were Apostle Johnson Suleiman and Governor Fayose of Ekiti state, while the bosses includes the DSS and the presidency. It was gathered that the man of God instructs his members to kill any Fulani herdsmen found around his church. But, the information was actually wrong because the man of God(MOG) instructed his security operatives, and not his members based on the texts he got from reliable source. This is the drama, our “intelligence” DSS could not invite him, neither pay him visit in the day, but chose to arrest him in the night around 2am while he was in his hotel room resting (he had revival in the state). If Mr. Fayose had not showed up, only God knows what would had been the armless civilian’s case!

Quickly, we the concerns went on line to voice out and condemned the DSS’ act. I supposed the department was ashamed of the act, that’s why they were silent. But, the DSS later invited Apostle Suleiman for an interrogation which he came with about 30 lawyers, CAN and PFN representatives. But the planned meeting for 10am was later postponed to 4pm and 10pm finally in the night. It was gathered that the DSS never thought that the MOG would attracts supporters of that measure, so, to play a foul game would be difficult. Finally, he was interrogated and later freed.

These are my views.

Sincerely, the presidency is wrong to have asked CAN to keep quiet on Suleiman’s case. Though, it appears that the APC led government was trying to say that Suleiman should be cautioned, but they lacked the boldness and the sincerity to say such as they could not stopped the killings in Southern Kaduna.

Again, before the arrival of Apostle Suleiman, heavy security were made available at the DSS base. This is my question, is he a criminal? Why didn’t they send these armed-to-the-teeth guys to go stop the killings? However, it must be asked that why’s El-Rufai wasn’t interrogated when he publicly declared that he paid the Fulani herdsmen? He was not invited, yet, a peaceful man of God was harassed for saying the truth !

My feelings…
If the Federal Government will not walk softly and stop this religious card its playing, I see the nation fast heading on to a religious unrest very soonest. Moreover, a secular nation like Nigerian should not vest all her powers on religion. It has never helped us, and it won’t help.
I wish that religion will be highly secondary in our agenda, because the idea of Islamizing this nation will bring war that will destroy things heavily.
Again, my feelings for our security operatives is that they should fear God and act normal. I will disagree with anyone that will say that the DSS attack on Apostle Suleiman doesn’t have a political undertone ! It has, and it was too obvious for us to see.

Lastly, peace we need, but if we won’t “sacrifice”, we won’t get it. We must sacrifice our selfish ambitions for peace to reign. Peace will not reign with the way the Fulani herdsmen are doing. Peace won’t reign if our sick government won’t rise to settle disputes on ground objectively.

I wish our government will do normal.

God bless Nigeria.

I write from Sabongidda Ora, Owan West Region, Edo State.