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Have you ever, as a lady asked yourself why you Photoshop all your pictures so much? Do you ever reason out why you apply so much “make-up” daily on your face without having to be a bride that’s set for the “walking down the aisle”? I’m not sure some of us think about why we wear all sorts of provocative dresses all around. Some people even go all the way to changing their skin colour from melanin to “whiteanin”(my coinage).

All these pressures we put on ourselves, aren’t they for beauty? Most times I just wonder why ladies cannot accept who they are as what God has created them to be. The reality and acceptance of who you truly are, whether black, white or mixed colour can only be dawn on if you know what beauty really means.

Some man defined beauty as “the ability to accept our imperfection and still feel as beautiful as we naturally are”. Hmmmm! Imperfections! What are your so called imperfections? Your black- pimpled face? Your tiny bosom? Your giraffe neck? Your flat “back”? Your big eye balls or even your “unfigure-eighty” body?

See, my sister, the moment you accept how beautiful you are is the moment you accept God for whom He is to you. Fact! Have you not reasoned what it took God to form you from an ordinary trampled upon clay to whom you are today? Or do you think God wasn’t creative enough? He shouldn’t have given you a tiny bosom? He should have made your skin colour white, so you can fit into the perfect picture of “Kim k”. So that you will have over a million followers on Instagram. But wait is that what life really means to you? Relax a moment to think about that.

“Me, I don’t even want to be like Kim K, I just want to be like Nicki Minaj”. That’s some lady’s goal right there! Even Nicki Minaj, as white as she may look, went ahead to transform her body structure from normal to abnormal. As I heard, she underwent a plastic surgery just to have a bigger “ass” and “boobs”. I really do not know how true that is but I know she is capable of doing such because she is a rational woman. So ask yourself what is it you really want? *Nicki-Minaj” kind of body or what?

It is until you accept yourself as who you are that you save yourself of unnecessary risks. The bible actually says that all things God created are good. In fact, was good, is good, and will continue to be good. There is no creation of God that is imperfect. It is by ourselves, that we have coined the term “imperfect”. We decide that those body features that your friend or fiend calls her “ selling point” that you do not have or someone hasn’t told you how attractive it is, even if you have the same is your “imperfection”. It is at this point that we begin the what I call “journey to transformation”. We buy all sorts of “body transformers” ranging from one type of transformer to another.

We cannot say that it is wrong or bad to take care of ourselves, to apply beauty products of all varieties on our body. No, it’s not wrong at all. Some extremists may say, “Who cares if I don’t take care of my body or who is looking at me,” common, stop the deception. You know someone is looking at you. In short, you are looking at someone. You know you just have to look good and beautiful. It’s undeniable. But it shouldn’t be beyond “the garden of the natural”. Let me see a semblance between your “makeup face” and your “natural face”. Help me to know that it is your “real face” after I must have seen your uploaded pictures. Please it is very expedient, enough of deception.

Here is what a sane man once said about beauty, “I will rather not have my wife have make up on. Let me see your natural presence because when I wake up in the morning, that’s what I see”. Every sane man wants to marry your “real face”. They don’t want to see the confident part of you that is confident because you have “painted your face”. See me natural, see me confident. I don’t want to be a “makeup — confident” kind of lady. The best side of you should not be the make up.

In fact, have you heard that true beauty comes from the inside? When you appreciate yourself on the inside, you cannot but look beautiful on the outside. OK, someone is asking what it is to “appreciate one’s self on the inside”? This kind of appreciation is not eating good nutritious food or supplements. It is building your spirit man, feeding and ruminating on the word of God daily because it is life. You wonder why I had to switch to the spiritual. It’s not my fault sister. It is because of who I am. I am a Christian. So I’m sorry if you do not understand this, the spiritual folks will definitely understand what I mean anyway.

Now back to the natural, some of us have mocked God many times by telling him he didn’t form you well. You have questioned him on why he created you a black woman. Why I’m I not as beautiful as Kim kardashian? Do you know why? It is because you are not Kim kardashian. Even Kim kardashian doesn’t know she is beautiful because she has different types of beautiful appearances she wears: she has, Grammy-beauty, studio-beauty, video vixen-beauty and so on. Hence, her beauty varies. It transcends from one phase to another.

Ladies, enough of low self-esteem, because that is another pertinent factor. Enough of photo shopping that allows even a monkey fidget when it eventually sees your “real face”. Please love yourself for who you are. That is the power of beauty, self-love. Let me tell you what Bishop T.D Jakes told me in conclusion. He said “our perception of what is beautiful depends on the stage we are in life.” Don’t you think so?



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