Consequently promises have been made of how they will bring improvement to country , including the dwindling educational system we are faced with, but rather students have been faced with more developing issues and are yet to be convinced of how these issues can be salvaged. These students, are obviously waiting for the almighty plan of the president that will improve our educational sector.

The story didn’t begin today, yet it was not the same as about thirty years ago, some of our parents still enjoyed good education with free meals, free books and free future, albeit quite engaging as you need to study hard to get the later.

The same cannot be said for us, here we are decades after the great Awolowo launched the free education initiative in the country and the government, even the local ones, try as much as their myopic sight could carry them, to “keep the flag flying” but to no avail. Instead, our futures are now almost more expensive than our lives.

I say our futures are expensive as students because, we are not enjoying a quota of what our parents enjoyed, yet much is expected from us in the society that has given us nothing. What we have is a society that gives us lemon instead of sweet oranges, but as the saying goes that “if life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it”. So is the situation faced by Unilag students earlier this morning when there was no light in the lecture hall where an 8am class is meant to hold.

Students could be seen writing in pitch darkness with their cellphones as the only source of light. Note that I said “pitch darkness” as one might not see one’s palm if placed in one’s front, except with the aid of the meager light from one’s cellphone, which in any case is not sufficient in such an expanse of space.

Such is the situation faced by an average Nigerian student in a government institute of knowledge in the country. Yet he/she is expected to graduate in flying colors in order to be able to get an automatic space in the dwindling Labour market in the country.

So I ask again, Who will save the rot in our educational system? While Baba is busy pulling it out of its abyss of economic hardship, with focus largely on Agriculture presently.

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hostel condition[/caption]