No shred of human in them

And their aversion to humanity

Propelled their war on mankind

And everything beautiful

Their victims call them beasts

As they defile them amid mockery

And as they massacre them at will

Voices from far away frighten us

And we weep for the war victims

Whose voices are laden with blood

Tears and sorrow and perennial hue

Their only sin is Western education

And the price to pay is persecution

They know not where they are

As they know not their fate

All they remember becomes gloomy

And their hope for freedom is lost

Their mothers expect them at home

But there are no signs whatsoever

Of their homecoming but still hopeful

Wondering if their daughters wombs

Now abhor little despicable beasts

Beasts made of savage defilement

Yet they care less if they are beasts

All they care for are their daughters

And the only thing they ask for

Is to bring back our beloved girls.