A major defect contributing to corruption and illegality in the society is unemployment among the youth.

By Anita Emegha.

A person can be regarded as unemployed when he is unable to secure any stable means of livelihood. Such Person may possess the necessary requirements and willingness to work but cannot afford any.

In Nigeria, the average class of the labour force is made up of all persons aged 15–64 years except retired people and students.

Unemployment has been one of the challenges facing the country in recent times, in a way it has posed as a hindrance to the growth of the economy and even increased the rate of corruption in the society.

The defect of unemployment in the society arises out of many circumstances such as poor economic growth, mismanagement of funds, lack of training and Qualification, laziness on the part of an individual.

Many youths and graduates are unable to secure any job even after spending so much in school and making investment into the future which turns out disappointing. Most of these youths have never had the opportunity to have experience or practice what they had studied through in school. These lead most of them into engaging in fraudulent acts while others takes to menial jobs, entrepreneurship and other means of livelihood.

Speaking with Benson Okeke who informed that the issue of unemployment has been an on going issue that seems unending due to many factors both present and unforeseen.

“The issue of Unemployment is eating deep and really having adverse effects especially in the life of many youths whom these days do not maintain patience in life but want to succeed beyond pairs. It is not easy for a man to survive even when receiving stipend as salary earners not to make mention of those who do not have any means to wait unto but for those who are involved in any form of menial jobs which is not also enough to maintain a living.

Nowadays, we hear or see developments of corruption and fraudulent acts, the youths have now taken heed to the saviour of bet and other sources of illegal earning, it is no longer the issue pf duping strangers, we now dupe one another through the savvy of technology, internet scamming which results out of idleness and the desperation of making it quick.

Benson further added that for the educated ones it is great frustration of being unable to secure any job having ensured that they obtain western education to actualize their dreams and build up a career but are being challenged by the contest of position by employers who practice has favouratism and fails to acknowledge qualified personnel.

These doesnt give a good sense of belonging in the land of abundance where their forefathers had sown and made the way for them to reap, He added.

Apart from having no job at all , the lack of steady income could lead to crime and affect the health and stability of the youth who maybe supporting the whole family.

Moreover, apart from the government and private individuals giving employment, there are some factors that if they are considered will reduce the rate of joblessness.

There are unskilled jobs which does not require any qualification or the white collar job and is money yielding, farming is a lucrative job that requires the use of enhanced tools for more productivity and speed.

Vocational training encourages the use of hand work and creativity which enables one to be independent rather than depending soly on the government and private sector for jobs.