A Taco Tuesday Hop in San Francisco

Living in San Francisco, Taco Tuesday is a big deal. More restaurants than you think celebrate Taco Tuesday. From La Urbana on Divisadero to Pancho Villa’s on 16th, there is no shortage of excellent places to get cheap tacos in the “city by the bay”. Let’s explore these places by stepping out of Nick’s Crispy Tacos, hopping on the 19 bus, then on the N Judah light rail and you’ll be on your way to explore the first of our amazing Taco Tuesday spots.

Exit the frigid fog and into the most happening Taco Tuesday in the Outer Sunset: The Taco Shop at Underdogs. With a menu of $2 tacos designed by Nick Fasanella (previous owner of Nick’s Crispy Tacos), it is nearly impossible to find an empty seat at the bar any time after 5pm. Thankfully there is family style seating in the back if you would like to share a bench with university students. After the $3 Tecate and 2 Nick’s Way Tacos (crispy and soft shells combined!), there is more adventuring to be had. Climb aboard the 7 bus on Lincoln and head on over to 25th and Noriega.

SRBC’s Tacos From Left to Right: Baja (Fish), Al Pastor (Pork), Pollo (…Chicken)

The Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company is a relatively new establishment in the Sunset. Hilary Cherniss runs a microbrewery with a killer steam beer, but it also has 3 distinctly awesome tacos on Tuesdays. Starting at 3 o’clock, pork al pastor, chicken, and baja-style fish tacos are only $4 each. The attention to detail is clear, even the red and green salsas are made in-house at SRBC. Although pricier than Underdogs, these tacos deliver. Each taco comes on two soft shells. The filling can easily be split between the shells and still be larger than the average street taco (street tacos tend to be approximately 3” in diameter). Call them boulevard tacos. For added adventure, stay for the horchata dessert drink or even the bread pudding with homemade bourbon ice cream before going to our next taco stop. You won’t regret the calories.

We arrive at our final stop on the taco train with a ¾ tank full of food. Tortillas, protein, vegetables, and probably a few more drinks than last week’s ‘Timid Tuesday’, but so far it’s worth it. If you didn’t make new friends at the previous two taquerias, then you definitely will at Celia’s by the Beach. Celia’s is a no-nonsense, never-ending story of bottomless chip baskets. Key points to remember about this 60-year old establishment: 3 tacos for $3, which means $1 dollar tacos! Upgrading to mango carnitas is also highly recommended for a tangy twist to an old favorite.

As downhill is the easiest way to walk after the taco debauchery, the beach would logically be our next stop. Don’t look to the right, because the Park Chalet only has more tacos. This is the time for reflection. The taco train derailed this Taco Tuesday and took you to the Sunset District, a place that was 100% sand nearly 90 years ago. Along the way, you probably met the most down-to-earth people in the whole city, and everybody was of one mind… Taco Tuesday.

P.S. How do you celebrate Taco Tuesday?

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