How to be Great at Anything

I recently had conversations with friends on the path we choose in life. On how we measure success. On how to stand out, be unique, and go as far as Steve Jobs once coined “putting a dent in the universe.”

We all have skills, passions, and the same amount of time in a day, but not everyone follows what they desire/want. They conform and submit to the whims of life, questioning why things aren’t going the way they want, and lamenting on how life is an unfair wench. They have no concept of accountability or ownership, and let situations decide their next move.

They don’t act on life, they let life act on them.


A good portion of recent college grads are still on the search for their first opportunity. Some may have squandered time in college by not doing the hard things (interning, actually learning, and growing). They graduate, begin the job search, and are disappointed by the lack of opportunities that arise. With few to no options, they give up and plug into something less than, extrapolating their failures to the job market and incompetence of companies who lack the “insight” to see how much “value” they bring. They absolve themselves of any responsibility, and carry on oblivious to the fact that it’s not the situation, it’s them.

So what’s the problem?

People feel entitled. They believe they’re a unique snowflake. They believe the minimum is good enough. They believe talent alone leads them to their destiny. Well it isn’t and won’t!

We’ve been raised to believe the world is abundant and plentiful (it is). That by simply wishing for something, putting positive energy out into the universe and hoping, our dreams will miraculously manifest itself… It won’t.

Dreams alone won’t get you there. Dreams are the stimuli, not the response. Response requires action, and without pushing full steam ahead with every single tool you have at your disposal to acquire any form of reach you can attain, your dreams will remain just that, a dream.

So what the solution?

During the conversations, a few resounding attributes arose that we identified as key indicators of an individual(s) who gets shit done(IWGSD). Finding ways to implement and slowly cultivate these habits into your life will greatly aid in your quest to be great at anything and reach your vision/goals.

The key indicators of an individual(s) who get shit done (IWGSD) are:


Self-awareness is the biggest attribute anyone who wants something out of life needs.

If you want to be great at anything you desire, you first need to know what you desire, which requires self-reflection, some time to think, and overall soul searching. Once you can derive key measures of success, and commit to that truth, navigating the waters to your desire/passion becomes smoother.

Constant Learner

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” — Mark Twain

That quote summarizes why IWGSD read. IWGSD know there are things they don’t know, so they’re constantly venturing out their current knowns to discover new ideas and facts that can influence and shift their paradigms. Mental evolution. By continuously exploring new concepts and segments IWGSD grow exponentially through reading. This in turn makes them more knowledgable, confident, conscious, improves clarity and judgement.


IWGSD don’t wait, they move. They find areas to improve. They do frequent audits to make sure things are tracking in the right direction. They aren’t waiting for one person to call; they’re out there talking to 20 people. They understand 80/20 (Pareto principle). They optimize, double down, dream big, and don’t stop until they have exactly what they want. They’re not timid, shy, or feeble. They may feel those attributes at times, but identify them internally when it arises. They examine, deconstruct and accept those emotions; then keep pressing forward.

High EQ skills

This closely ties with self-awareness. Emotional intelligence is a soft skill that can be gained over time. Having good dynamics with people aids with being great. No one can do anything alone. Understanding that you need people (friends, mentors, family) and that people respond well to positive, stable, grounded individuals will exponentially improve your changes of reaching your goals.

IWGSD work well with others. They adjust their emotions and energy to fit the crowd. They’re chameleons, adapting to the setting and striving in any scenario. They view the glass as half full, but also respect and understand that it’s also half empty. They could dwell on the half empty glass, but think of ways to fill the cup in collaboration with people.

Rejects Complacency/Inertia

IWGSD never settle. They learn, grow, and move. They constantly examine their past, present, and future, strategizing ways to reach the next level. They understand the value of time, and work towards reducing arbitrary efforts. They never say “I’m bored” or “I have nothing to do.” They’re always plotting the next endeavor for growth. They don’t accept reality; they always believe there’s a better way.

Joining the leagues of IWGSD takes time; I personally work on it EVERY SINGLE DAY. By understanding and espousing the basic attributes listed above; plus by accepting that your life is yours to govern, these indicators will make getting to your destiny a bit more tangible.

Never settle, always grow, go after what you want, and don’t stop until your reality/life is exactly as you envision.

Become an IWGSD.

What techniques do you use or believe are needed to be an individual who gets shit done? If a friend asked how you stay productive, what would you tell them? Leave a comment below, would love to hear about your framework for achieving.

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Originally published at on August 23rd, 2015